Vegas odds are always risky. Read more

I bet you call your kid a “pussy,” don’t you? Read more

I bet you call your kid a “pussy,” don’t you?

Do any of you listen to the Pardon My Take podcast from Barstool? If so, thoughts? Read more

What’s your favorite recipe to make (assuming you have time)? Read more

A white 3-point specialist. That’s a new one. Read more

Well, our schools aren’t safe unless we are willing to fight against Radical Grizzlamic Bearorism. Read more

Well, I hate the jail, but I believe it was just reported that construction of the jail could resume due to the current build being structurally sound. I’d much rather see an MLS stadium there though - just not one that is being paid for by the City of Detroit and its taxpayers. Read more

Ball Deflater Endorses Deflated Ballsac Read more

Pictured: Two assholes standing next to one another. Read more

I lack the necessary skill (or time, for that matter), but can someone who is well-versed in the magic of photoshop propose what Trump would look like with said clumpy/patchy beard? Read more

Agreed, brother. Glad to hear you were welcomed with open arms, and let’s hope the positive change in said mentalities continues. I do think it’s much better here in the U.S. than in India (with regard to anti-Islam sentiment amongst Indians). Read more

I’m an Indian-American, the the anti-Islam sentiment I’ve heard from those of my parents’ generation (and older) is real, and frightening. My parents were not the same way, but at times did respond to common Islamophobic rhetoric in the Indian community. For example, in High School if I had grown out my beard (I told Read more

Who plays Trump in the inevitable movie about this election? Would it be a comedy or drama? Would you go watch it? Read more

Warde Manuel: [Sees news story] Read more

Speaking as a psychologist, I can assure you that Binge Eating Disorder amongst men is a very, very real and common concern. Your reductionism of this disorder is only perpetuating the very stigma that Joey Julius is trying to combat. Read more