Also, while we’re here, I think it’s obnoxious to scold people for being offended by what they genuinely believe to be derogatory or insensitive or malicious. I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, I’m saying that’s what I would’ve been doing if I’d taken up the position that this was a “bogus controversy.” Read more

Wow, Oakland can’t even keep their Civil Rights attorneys from heading to Vegas. Read more

Go directly to hell, you absolute nightmare of a person. Read more

Typical of a Llama to spit in the face of victims. Read more

I kept being a Kyrie fan after he said the earth was flat even though I couldn’t stop thinking about it every time I saw him. But fuck this guy. He would have been flailing around with a losing Cleveland team without Lebron. Go ahead and get the fuck out, Kyrie. Read more

Oh sure, now they want Kaepernick to get down on his knees. Read more

Nah, they’re probably going to the playoffs. That’s not nothing. Read more

“These people have awful names.” Read more

another man arrived to assist Revis. Read more

“and he’s only a sophomore so I don’t care” Read more

Thanks for taking us on the journey. Read more

Quoth the raven: “Zachary Orr.”
Read more

Mom: Okay Derrick, make sure you’re washed up before dinner. Read more

They should probably vet him before he visits. Then put him through some advanced interrogation, just to determine what his intentions are. Then if necessary, place him in some sort of camp until they determine what to do with people of his kind. Read more

Then he gets a job at the US Mint: Read more

“International Federation of Bodybuilding president Rafael Santonja” Read more