Doctor Shieldsy
Aug 5

In before all the Tesla fanboys come and tell you how you are dumb, wrong, that windshield wiper controls in a touch screen are actually the best way to handle controlling them (because reasons), people who can’t figure it out are dumb, and you should bow before your new lord Elon Musk

Aug 4

Yep.  Pick an artificial number that makes everyone happy.... let’s say $100 million a year in post-tax revenue generation.  Stupid high.  It really shouldn’t be even remotely controversial to suggest anything above that is just screwing everyone else because you can and they can’t stop you.

Aug 4

Sounds like someone needs to go take Econ 101. It impacts you in LOTS of ways. Every $1 spent on consumer spending boosts the economy an extra roughly $1.80-$1.90. Every $1 invested? Boosts the economy an extra $1, give or take a few pennies. The US economy is a consumer driven economy - if people don’t buy things, Read more

Aug 4

The aggressively conservative bent in this thread reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek (that’s right, I’m going nerdy with this one) where a character says something along the lines of: ‘Ferengi don’t try to end exploitation of workers, they try to join the ruling class so that one day they can exploit others.’ Read more

Aug 4

You justify it because A) we already have taxes, and B) we live in a society. If someone doesn’t want to contribute, then they don’t get the benefits of society. They can go into exile if they like.

Aug 4

Check the 1950's and tell me they pay enough taxes. Also, man, if being forced to pay is robbery, I’m being stolen from constantly. I don’t want to pay for the defense budget. It’s absurd. The military is stealing my money.

Aug 4

Nationalized health care can’t be fixed by one person.  It’s utterly deluded to think otherwise.  Rich people should be taxed more to pay for that.  Period.  Hard stop.

Aug 4

Transcribing a 1-hour interview is about as close to back-breaking work as this job gets. I hope you all like it.

Aug 3

Having seen the earlier posts on this, I looked it up. I think the person interviewed by NPR said International Law, when they meant Canadian law. Which says any vessel over 8 meters needs one. Read more

Jul 20

Err, yeah, I mean you can definitely draw new comparisons as AKIRA being about the future of the world but the film is absolutely not shy about its pretext being the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the American Occupation (and the Japanese government’s collusion in keeping secret any wrongdoings), and the failure of

Jul 9

But you can give those people reasonable advice without giving information that is blatantly false.

Jul 9

Dave Ramsey is an idiot. cars are in that weird valley where they cost a lot to buy (probably anyone’s second biggest purchase after their house) but don’t gain value. And they’re machines, so they wear out. Telling people they shouldn’t buy a new car unless they’re worth millions and can pay cash is just some Read more

Jul 9

Dave Ramsey is a stinking pile of shit and his show is for entertainment value only. He peddles basic financial advice like “spend less than you make” and has very limited understanding of financial planning. Ramsey works the church crowd because some churches get a kickback on fees. He is a quasi-televangelist. I’d Read more

Jul 8

But if he didn’t run over as many protesters as he could, according to the commentariat around here, he’s a beta cuck and a pussy who needs to turn in both his man card and his American citizenship.

Jul 8

Ah yes. An effective protest is one that everyone can ignore and pretend does not exist. MLK was famed for saying, “We must appease the white moderate who needs his comfort and convenience.”

Jun 22

That’s a turkey, or maybe a pheasant, but sure, almost a falcon.