Doctor Shieldsy
Jul 17

He mentioned the F-150 alongside the Saturn V rocket and Ella Fitzgerald in the July 4th speech.  Just normal stuff.

Jul 9

Was your point a few posts ago that DOA was influential because it declared that autotune was over or played out? Because the links I provided showed that this was largely Kanye’s doing, proving that he had a big hand in something you cited as influential without your knowing.  

Jul 8

I thought it was related to the economy because of the consolidation of formerly independent companies under gigantic corporate structures.

Jul 7

You should look further into that Death of Autotune song when talking about how Kanye doesn’t have any influence. Read more

Jun 30

This looks fucking awesome. Kia/Hyundai have the best user interface of all current automakers and the styling looks better than most everything else available.

Jan 30

How long would it take you to earn $40,000,000,000 on your current salary? Or even dream salary? Are you just not working hard enough?

Jan 30

Thank goodness you’re here to protect the extremely powerful from light criticism.

Nov 25

The Bugle 2012-2015 is still incredibly funny. New episodes can really range in quality, but some episodes are golden- Alice Fraser is amazing.

Jul 30 2019

Now take a listen to MiMs- This is why I’m hot (2006/7), and marvel at the copycat flow by Flame.

Aug 3 2018

Tennessee has open primaries, meaning anyone can pick up a GOP ballot and choose a candidate- or opponent.