Kia K900, when a manufacturer known for econoboxes decides to make a full-blown luxury car.

Either of these.

Developed as a pet project for a few engineers. Promptly orphaned on the showroom floor.

The Ultimate Driving Appliance

The BR-Z of course. Only 2WD car in Subaru's (US) lineup in almost 20 years. First RWD for the company in over 40 years. I think that counts.


Especially now that most of their other stuff is bland crossovers, an AWD Corolla, and a Camry-esque sedan.

A RWD sports car in a sea of AWD beige.

In this case, it's an orange sheep.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like the G-Wagen a lot, but with all new Mercs going bulbous, the Gelandwagen is really contrasting to the rest of the MB's passenger cars lineup.

This just in. CIA has upgraded my security clearance from Potato to Fire Truck!

There's a report out saying that everyone's favorite Indian truckmaker was going to buy what's left of Saab from struggling Chinese-Swedish venture. Read more

No one bought Dustbusters because GM already had a better van.

lol, I live in bro-truck heaven, Fresno, CA. Yes there are many lifted trucks which I think is pointless. But I have never seen any of them involved in an accident. I see more accidents by younger drivers and female drivers not paying attention. Although I don't drive late at night maybe they have drunk driving Read more

I want Cadillac to kick the German's self-righteous asses. I want people around the world to look down at modern BMWs and say, "Those will never be as good as new Cadillacs, both quality and performance wise." Read more

Somewhere in the 900 some odd comments, I posted a pic of a girl with a car. Me...with my Corvette. Yeah, we're a pretty sexy combination, so long as you like weird girls and the particular Vette as shown in the article. If you're looking for a bleach blonde draped over a C7, we might not be right for you, but I will Read more

There is nothing wrong with liking pictures of women with cars. Lord knows I've posed next to enough cars in my life time. The difference is that I keep my clothes on and I actually drive the cars I pose with. Plus, I like to look at pics of guys next to cars so you know, Equal Opportunity Sexism. Read more

Just imagine, if she breaks 10 we might get a glimpse of ANKLE, OH THE HUMANITY!! In seriousness just about any picture involving a car from this time period is phenomenal. Read more

I just don't get why anyone would pay six figures for a street legal car. Ever. For any reason. Read more

Kinda, but it does seem like trucks are more expensive than comparably-equipped cars. Read more

I think a pickup truck should not cost $66k. Or even half that, actually. Read more