Detective Plunkett
Feb 16 2018

Eventually you play for hours on end as the comfort of the chair allows you to play for far longer than in a normal chair. You sink in its folds as it envelopes you. The neck brace is your neck. The backrest becomes a permanent vertebrae. You become an amorphous blob, effortlessly transitioning between chair and Read more

Jan 10 2018

Man, this comment brought out a lot of “gender-non-conforming people are crazy” hate speech types. That flag button’s getting a workout.

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Jan 9 2018

That’s a nice thought, but Roseanne has said some pretty shitty things about trans folks, and I don’t trust her one whit to be cool about it in the show. Especially given that now she’s inserting Trump into the mix.

Jan 9 2018

I wonder how much time Roseanne Conner will devote to transphobia, as well? I figured the reboot was going to be flavorless pap, but now it sounds like she’s going to make it actually repulsive, and so I’m forced to wonder how many of her terrible views are going to be shoehorned into this DOA turd?

Jan 5 2018

Hey, I rigged and animated the CG Black Panther for this commercial. Fun fact—when I received the mesh asset for rigging, I hid the mask geometry to start working on rigging the body, and discovered that under the mask was a very recognizable model of Chadwick Boseman’s face! I’m guessing the whole model was Read more

Dec 4 2017

How would they obtain such data and on a scale of nearly the entire world?

Dec 3 2017

Not in code only because there would have to be some kind of regular database storing the variety of information, but they can easily control aspects of the game such as poke rates, the type of Pokemon and so on, manually. All they have to do is put in some more effort into staying up to date with current events and Read more

Nov 29 2017

This kind of response could only come from someone who has never dealt with an addiction of their own—or either does not know any addicts, or has no empathy for them whatsoever because, “It’s easy for me, so it should be easy for you.”

If that’s your thought process, then I ask you: should things that are easy for Read more

Nov 29 2017

Yeah, what’s up with those addicts, unable to control their behavior? It’s almost like it’s a disease that they can’t easily control or something.

Nov 29 2017

You are such an apologist. It is ridiculous. Every time someone criticizes a dev or studio, guess who? Bigwolfjeff to the rescue. Give it a fucking rest. I DO feel bad for this guy and you should too. Micro-transactions are a fucking cancer and need to stop. Besides you are using classic false equivalencies to make Read more

Nov 29 2017

you are missing the point. we should be free to buy and play a game without some added “lootbox” type thing that’s so easy to get sucked into. Read more

Nov 29 2017

A collection is finite. There is a maximum amount you can spend on it. Gambling is entirely different. There are reasons we have laws on gambling and not on collecting stuff.