Dale Franks
Jan 22 2016

It’s nice but it needs more Zagato to create the same desire as the Alfa Romeo ZG.

Mar 27 2015

From the video it looked as if his right rear tire might have been about 1.5 psi off. Tough break, bro. Better use a digital gauge next time.

Mar 25 2015

Nonsense. The police should investigate with or without his cooperation. Otherwise criminals are free to intimidate or pay off their victims to avoid prosecution.

Mar 25 2015

I think the UK is like Canada, where the Crown is the one who decides if charges are to be pressed or not. Removes the individual from the equation.

Mar 25 2015

That’s my take on this whole thing. It sucks because I love Top Gear and enjoy watching Clarkson in particular, but what he did is impossible to defend. I think everyone wishes things had gone differently that day.

Mar 25 2015

they have find him and suspended him in the past and he still effed up, blame Clarkson for being an idiot rather than "outrage" culture. The outrage are the idiots coming out of the woods trying to come up with excuses for punching a co-worker

Mar 25 2015

This isn't a product of 'outrage culture'. It's a product of him punching a coworker, which is likely to get you sacked no matter who you are or what you bring to the organization. Nobody wants to work for/with a person who thinks violence is an acceptable option for conflict resolution.

Mar 25 2015

Outrage culture? Stop being a fucking dumbass. When you get into a brawl with a co-worker, send that person to the hospital, then get your ass fired, it's not because of "outrage culture"

Mar 25 2015

You hit someone, you're fired. I wish more people understood that. If I deck someone at my office, I expect to be 1.) arrested, and 2.) fired.
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Mar 25 2015

If they can afford Spacey and House of Cards, they'll be able to pay for Clarkson. Also, I read that Netflix received a boost in cash to produce more original programming.

Mar 17 2015

This is how I imagine every CR-V driver's gas station visit goes. Every single time.

Jan 15 2015

My MR2 with a built-in Keurig so I can brew fresh coffee while I'm stuck in traffic.