Nov 30 2018

Sounds like Southern Illinois taxpayers who support Chicago. 

Oct 29 2018

Just remember that Lebron dragged this same roster to the NBA finals.

Oct 19 2018

It wasn’t murdered, it was killed in self defense. Look, Gawker was entertaining at times, but outing gay people and posting private sexual videos of people is trash and deservedly got killed for it. Pro tip, if you don’t want to have lawsuits bring down your company, don’t try and mess with people’s personal lives Read more

Sep 30 2018

The Browns were on their own 19 so a failed conversion gives the Raiders the ball in the red zone. I feel like the percentages probably favored punting the ball away to the Raiders side of the field with 1:38 left and an 8 point lead.

Sep 17 2018

Interesting. I thought you could choose not to play. So would stealing lottery funds or robbing a casino also be fair play?

Aug 28 2018

And here I was thinking the military method of falling asleep anywhere was wake up before dawn, run until your CO pukes, and get back to your bunk 3 hours before dawn.

Aug 26 2018

That interior is not very becoming on what is sure to be a 7 figure car. That steering wheel...

Aug 25 2018

It's a wastegate. It's how turbos are controlled so that they don't just keep building more and more boost until a boom happens.

Aug 14 2018

How about some vintage toy commercials? I still sing this under my breath if I’m doing something hard and need to pump myself up:

Aug 12 2018

I’d never been in downtown Cleveland until April and I have to say, it’s a nice, cute little downtown. I especially liked the old bank converted into a grocery store; that was a real nice repurposing and refurbishing of some pretty spectacular architecture.

Aug 6 2018

Don’t forget to do the rotors too.