Aug 9 2017

“...she’s cheer captain and I’m SACRIFICING A BLACK GOAT TO OUR LORD AND MASTER THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS LUCIFER... on the bleachers.”

Jun 17 2016

I can’t remember which article in the past originated this wonderful gif, but I can’t help but think of it everytime Walnuts opens his fool mouth.

Apr 13 2016

If she were a trans* individual making that joke, more power to her. However, she is not, and therefore she doesn’t get to make light of being something so downtrodden in our society.

If someone’s offended by blackface it doesn’t mean we’re all assuming black people have no sense of humor.

Feb 16 2016

I actually just bought Dr Zoidberg a big bag of diet food...

Nov 27 2015

It also took too long for someone to *tape his freaking mouth shut*. It was the first thing I yelled towards my laptop when they got him in the van, or when Jess got him in her house.

But I loved this show enough to not mind.

Oct 8 2015

I have to disagree. If we don’t tell our partners what we want, how the hell are we going to get it? Granted, I am heartless enough to have stopped partners both mid-kiss and mid-coitus to completely end the festivities, but you don’t have to be all I AM THE KISS OVERLORD YOU SHALL OBEY MY WISHES YOU INADEQUATE SNAIL Read more

Sep 21 2015

How thick of a foundation do you prefer? I’ve battled bad skin since I was 12, and pretty much any attempt at foundation made everything worse. A couple years ago I started on the BB Cream train and I am never looking back! Read more

Sep 12 2015

This 3’x4’ fake painting of a matador. Which I then carried with me to two different bars, left it behind, and spent three days trying to get it back. (I was successful)

Sep 3 2015

Absolutely not, but I would GO TO TOWN on Kate McKinnon dressed as him...

Jun 24 2015

“Nine To Five” by Miss Dolly Parton. It’s a tough one but so so worth it.

Apr 23 2015

I was a fat ten-year-old tomboy, and since it was summer, sweaty and wearing my favorite baseball cap that never got washed. This random teenager I had never seen came over as I was fixing the chain on my bicycle and asked if I had a boyfriend. I said “No, and I don’t want one.” He sat down right beside me on the Read more

Mar 10 2015

I grew up down the road from literally miles of cemeteries, and all of them banned fake flowers—the caretakers would gather them up and just kind of throw them to the edge of the perimeter fences. So my sister and I would walk along collecting them to sew the cloth flowers into Barbie clothes.

It wasn't until much Read more