10:26 AM

Neutral: A couple years back I was shopping for a used luxury car to replace my aging BMW but realized I could pick up a new Ford C-Max PHEV for just over $24k CDN because of government subsidies. It’s a simple car so I didn’t have an issue paying $24k for it, but there’s no way I would’ve paid the unsubsidized price Read more

1:04 PM

If they brought back Group B for Le Mans, I’d watch it in a heartbeat. Who wouldn’t want to watch reimagined RS200s, 037s, and Quattros drifting through the gravel traps at full oppo because it shaved off a couple of tenths per lap!

4:44 PM

Looked up some better numbers. 4.5" movement on a 30" back would indicate an 8.5º recline, meaning the person behind loses 2/3 of an inch at their knee rather than a full inch. Still doesn’t make much of a difference to those people whose knees are almost or already touching before the seat moves at all.

2:12 PM

Reclining will be an issue as long as people with long legs exist and people want to use laptops. As long as seats continue to pivot from from the base of the seat cushion, reclining 15º can move the seatback 1" closer to the knees of the person behind, crushing people who don’t have 1" of space between their knees Read more

12:03 PM

Airlines should install seats that pivot high on the back and recline by moving the seat bottom forward. If someone wants to recline they should do so at the risk to their own knees rather than those of the person behind them. I’m tall, and more than once I’ve had a seat pressed into my knees or been completely Read more

3:43 PM

I love that there’s been an attempt to aerodynamically streamline the car, but then he just said “Fuck it” and strapped a spare tire directly to the fender as one was wont to do with any car designed in the 30s.

8:58 AM

Was the wheel the only issue with the aircraft, or was the wheel failing a symptom or cause of a bigger problem? If something else catastrophically fails halfway between Montreal and Saguenay the aircraft may be forced to ditch while over a forested mountain range without any roads wide enough or straight enough to Read more

10:33 AM

Looking at the CR-Z with eyes that haven’t seen one in years is a pretty pleasing experience, especially for this brain that hasn’t thought about them in years.
Read more

12:21 PM

IMO, the biggest failing of EVE is that you can’t explore their spaceships. So many of those ships look so cool and I just want to get inside and see how they tick, but instead I’m locked in a 3rd person view where I just direct the actions of the ship by opening sub-menus of sub-menus. I’d kill for even something Read more

4:01 PM

The J1772 standard goes up to 19.2kW for AC charging, but yes, most public chargers are 7kW because it’s cheap and easy to run a 240V/30A circuit. CCS DC chargers can push up to 80kW per car.

12:05 PM

I’m sure you don’t want to hear this heading into the winter months, but, assuming you’re using natural gas for heat, you can probably cut back your emissions more by lowering your thermostat during the winter than cutting back on A/C (though both are commendable goals). Burning 1 cubic meter of natural gas releases Read more

8:09 AM

The hood is flat.  The fenders curve inwards and have stamped vents.  I’ll concede that the grille is more trapezoidal than I thought, as other pictures made it look rectangular rather than narrowing towards the bottom.  There are still enough differences that it’d be an uphill battle to say that this infringes on

11:40 PM

(i) A boxy body shape with flat appearing vertical side and rear body panels ending at about the same height as the hood; Read more

12:35 PM

That already exists. Open pit mines have been experimenting with autonomous haul trucks for a while, and I’m pretty sure that Suncor (in Alberta) has a fleet of autonomous haul trucks working in the oil sands. What sets these fleets apart from the current attempts at on-road use is that every vehicle on the job site Read more

2:22 PM

Can I just say, I like the opening of Ascendance of a Bookworm just because it’s musically strange. If you pay attention, the song opens in 4/4 time, then dips back and forth between 5/4 and 6/8 time. 5/4 is an odd time signature to begin with, but to have a 5/4 song that doesn’t sound too awkward (though the opening Read more