11:38 AM

This. We’ve externalized the true costs of so many things by not including the damage done by the pollution; meaning, the public pays for that in some form or other.
Of course, this will change the pricing models on pretty much everything, but that’s needed (and long overdue).

6:06 PM

Don’t you fucking gaslight me, you sniveling chickenshit troll. I didn’t move any goalposts and I didn’t take Valve’s side. I directly rebuked your bullshit. Fuck off of here and go be a willfully illiterate moron someplace.

1:09 PM

Honestly, if both companies cannot figure out how to pay their employees minimum wage and survive, then I guess it turns out that they were just shitty businesses running an illegal taxi service on VC money. They were doomed to failure anyway and ending their misclassification of their workers just hastened their Read more

2:58 PM

It was probably calcium chloride, which has been used for years as a dust suppressant. If you ever drive the Dalton Highway in Alaska, you will find it works pretty well. Read more

2:44 PM

There’s a post with this video on r/nascar and someone found an ad with a photo. The ad also promotes the surface being calcium treated.

9:05 AM

I really hope the next Saints Row game will be more like the second one. The gameplay and graphics of the third and fourth game were great, but the stories were just bad and the humor was just so simple.

The second one had a longer and better written story with a more enjoyable, balanced humor. It still had a serious Read more

1:47 PM

Properly something to do withe the fact that Rich Energy were ordered by the court to reveal their finances. Read more

1:54 PM

The call against Ferrari was the correct one, and frankly Vettel got off easy as far as I’m concerned. I have a hard time seeing why anyone would dispute that - driving way off track (“error” or not - still should be a 5 second penalty itself) but it looks like he kept his foot on the throttle all the way through Read more

11:34 PM

GM made faster cars than the germans (when the ats-v and cts-v first came out they were the darlings of the auto mags) and no one bought them. Why have bespoke power units and unseemingly power when it isn’t selling? Make cars that are accessible and people will buy, focus on the interior and tech while waiting for Read more

8:42 PM

There is zero benefit to the customer when Epic nabs an exclusive for themselves, and several tangible negatives. It’s pretty straightforward to understand, and so thank you for this breakdown.

10:42 AM

We are in the midst of negotiating our union contract. We are down to the 11th hour and we’re showing support for our union reps through our Kinja and twitter avatars.

5:01 PM

That’s what I’m thinking. Also if the car was sliding along the fence/wall, with the top of the car against the fence/wall, it would deflect the car off any protruding stuff. It may not seem like much but I’m wondering if it would’ve saved Wheldon. Or deflect an car sliding up the nose somewhat like halo for Leclerc in Read more

7:30 PM

“I don’t want to objectively think about an issue, so every argument I make must include an easily dispatched strawman.”