Clinton Portishead

Meh, I'm still around, sometimes. Made a couple comments yesterday. Read more

"As Annie Leibovitz once famously said, 'no hard knock life for us, thank you.'" Read more

There's Nothing Barring Steve Ballmer From Moving The Clippers
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Sure, laugh it up, but there's historical precedence here. World War I was also started by the toppling of an heir-y Naval. Read more

Cutler then celebrated by mainlining three Picksy Sticks. Read more

These fools should've taken lessons on discreteness from Jamie Moyer, who always carried with him a small, unassuming mason jar of tar from the La Brea Pit he was found in. Read more

Yes, "very convincing" University letters often contain multiple grammatical errors & typos. Read more

Huh. You'd really think New Orleans would be sick of carrying water by now. Read more

- "I don't know, Jimbo, I guess I just fail to see the purpose of a "What's My Dad Doing Right Now?" button in a race car." Read more

"Their names are Chang Sue and Steven. They live in my basement. Okay contestants, pick up your buzzers!" Read more

"Look, time... time can be deceptive." Read more

"Standing 4'4", from Springfield, your starting point guard...R-R-R-R-R-RALPH WIGGUMMMMMMMMM!!" Read more

Derek Jeter, according to Fortune, is a greater leader than Gabby Giffords

The original script called for an anvil to be dropped on his head, but it turns out Boris Diaw is afraid of heights. Read more

Cereal is terrible and so are all of you Read more

Wear the flat front.