3/14/20 7:11PM

I got my first 02 in 2000. Mine was a 1969 1600; technically not a 2002, but had the same body and would later gain the primary difference, a 2 liter motor. At the time, my brother had a police edition 1992 Camaro. The Camaro was a monster in a straight line, but my tiny German sedan out-cornered and out-braked that Read more

2/27/20 11:20AM

You should really try Eggs Benedict on a hubcap, because there’s no place like chrome for the hollandaise.

12/23/19 8:19PM

Wait. No third row seating? What’s the point of sliding side doors if you don’t have a back seat to get to? 

12/13/19 8:12AM

I mostly agree, but the improper verb conjugation makes me think that Valles isn’t a native English speaker, so I’ll give him a pass.  

12/08/19 8:51AM

My first car was a 1985 Fiero. I’m both proud and ashamed of that fact. 

11/07/19 8:54AM

I would very much like to move that rock to the corner of these two parking spots, so this bro-truck driver wouldn’t be able to block them several times a week. 

10/31/19 11:32AM

Just throwing this out there: If someone used one of those things on my seat, they’d have to fight me to get it back.

7/12/19 8:04AM

Now I’m imagining a Shapiro radio interview in 1964 wherein he smugly says, “Look, we got rid of slavery a century ago. What’s the problem? They’ve got equality. All a new Civil Rights Act does is give special legal rights to blacks. So, tell me; who’s the real racist here?” Read more

7/08/19 9:45AM

I just got into a Facebook argument with someone who said that we can’t trust what AOC said about immigrant treatment but we can trust what CBP says. My response was to reference this and the other Facebook group. 

7/08/19 9:18AM

The lack of fender flares is hilariously offset by the root-style blower sticking out of the engine bay. The whole car says, “Give me hoon or give me death, maybe both.”

5/31/19 9:59AM

Oh, good. I was just thinking that goods from one of our largest trading partners were too cheap. 

5/01/19 11:42PM

It’s so irresponsible to allow a terribly damaging and dangerous disease to spread. We owe it to the world to remove the threat of infection from future generations.  Read more