2/26/20 9:09PM

Hard the believe the bill has failed to pass so many times and harder to believe there are still four worthless shits who still voted against it. Read more

2/24/20 4:42PM

I’ll pass on calling dibs. Few things are more humiliating than being underwater on a Hyundai.

2/20/20 12:30PM

I’m honestly kind of glad you all don’t include Elizabeth in these things. The hate I’ve seen in the comments sections of her pieces is literally sickening, like on a whole other level. Which is disgusting not only given the quality of her writing but the fact that she’s often covering the stuff no one else on staff Read more

2/03/20 9:53PM

We’re not looking at you but the majority. When you’re in traffic and look around, every single SUV has a driver around 5 something and one driver, in a warm weather climate and nothing in the back seat.

12/23/19 3:45PM

Not sure why anyone would hate. If I had to drive a Nissan Versa have Hepatitus, I’d want it to be this one Hep A.” Read more

12/23/19 3:26PM

Don’t let them get you down. I want a 1979 Cutlass, a 1984 Dodge Ram Van, or my unicorn, an ‘84 Chrysler Laser in black. All crap, but all pure nostalgia for me. I would performance-mod all of them though.

12/07/19 11:19AM

I had an 86 and later an 88 2M4 5 speed. They weren’t horrible cars. But they weren’t great. Strangely, the 86 was better than the 88 in many respects. Read more

12/06/19 7:31PM

Get in line—I already offered Ballaban a sub-blog dedicated to making cheese with an aircooled engine. 

12/06/19 5:43PM

We are all gonna miss Patrick but this was an awesome goodbye letter to us Jalops. Patrick is right when he talks about the community that exists right here. He led the way by not trying to bullshit us. He catches a lot of crap for banging up a Camaro mule but I knew this was an honest site when he POSTED about it and

12/06/19 3:58PM

I’m going to miss you terribly, Patrick. Thanks for the help you’ve given me. Read more

9/28/18 5:16PM

This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve read in months.