Jan 12 2015

Heh, I'm 24 and that's my go to now. I call it the 'after-hours special', mainly because it's usually the only two things I have laying around when I clock out of my 2nd shift job.

Nov 8 2014

I was brutally sodomized against my will by Jeff Beck and the only way you will find this totally not illegitimate claim scrubbed from the net is by dismissing my comment. Read more

Sep 16 2014

Yep, at Cricket we're switching to the updated model of the original ($79!), it's by and far our best selling Android device and the LTE will just make it better. (I didn't sign an NDA because I work in indirect)

Sep 3 2014

Boar is delicious, I can't imagine why you would kill one and not eat it (as long as it wasn't one of the radioactive ones, anyways.)

Aug 1 2014

You know, if I were married to a 220 pound professional running back, I would make sure to do just about everything in my power to not upset him like that.

Jul 23 2014

Man, the little attribution at the bottom is what really makes this hilarious.

Jul 14 2014

The organizers will be able to do this. According to the hotel, the event reservation was paid in full 5 days prior to the event, and they made no such demand for $17,000. No word on where that year of minimum wage went. Gives a whole new meaning to "DashCON".