5/13/21 5:25PM

Counterpoint: gravity only works on Manchin if a Democrat and Republican simultaneously pushes him down stairs.

5/06/21 5:26AM

Unlikely that he would be a VP pick, purely because they won't have two people from the same state on the ticket. If the Dems want a middle-aged white guy on there, they could do a lot worse than O'Rourke - Texas is changing, and he could be enough to flip the state, which would be a huge advantage.

2/03/21 6:02PM

Dr. Nick has an actual medical degree from Hollywood Upstairs Medical School. He didn’t need to go to the Carribean! Read more

2/03/21 3:58PM

Oh I didn’t think you were making fun of doing it in general! I was just remarking on it because I didn’t realize it was a thing that people do until recently. Always happy to mock grifting assholes like this lady lol.

2/03/21 3:07PM

She’d applied to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College but they told her she didn’t test high enough.

12/10/19 12:04PM

This has always been the Kobayashi Maru. There’s literally no way forward here that ends in victory. Just a whole bunch of different ways to fail. In that respect, this is probably the correct tone to attempt to strike. The deck is stacked against them in every way possible. Take a more aggressive or righteous tone, Read more

10/30/19 3:40PM

Strange that my favorite fruit candy, Hi-Chew, is nowhere on the list.

10/29/19 2:22PM

This is a true story: When I was in my dirtbag 20s, my friends and I used to hang out at a crappy bar because we loved the main bartender and the culture there. Then the scumbags who owned the bar fired the bartender we loved. He went to work at another bar and we followed him there. The first bar is closed now. Read more

10/29/19 12:36PM

Can you let me know when you will be returning to sports coverage so I can go back to checking in once or twice per day? I have a lot to do today at work and all of these posts about non-sports topics are distracting because I Must Read Every Single One of Them. Whereas with the sports stuff I really only care if its Read more

10/29/19 12:25PM

no booze is fine, you are right. What is not fine is making people wear heels and then pay for booze. That is rude

10/29/19 11:58AM

Please do not disparage my good blog. All regular blogs are Just Look Nice; blogs in the feature format are Very Fancy.

10/27/19 11:43PM

It’s ok, Nats fans. Should they lose in Houston, just remember that the real treasure were the boos rained on diaper-baby presidents along the way.