Sep 14


Wellness influencers helped paved the way for QAnon by training people to believe in bullshit without evidence.

Best thing they could do is close up shop.

Jul 28

If 1 in 4 cars are old enough to drive themselves then why aren’t there more autonomous cars? Read more

Jul 16

GM sold over 100k Blazers in the last year and a half. They’re still printing money with it because at the end of the day, people buying crossovers really don’t care about the name or what it used to be

Jul 1

It’s important to teach your children that life is horrifying and full of random tragedy at an early age.

Jun 13

This guy was absolutely wrong and deserved to be fired. Read more

Jun 3

I miss my i-MiEV so much. I was going to drive that thing until the heat death of the sun. Read more

Mar 25

If we were to tomorrow start following the South Korean model of test-and-quarantine, rinse-and-repeat, we’re looking at resuming something resembling post-COVID-19 economy by Summer. Read more

Mar 20

I bought 5 Toyota Corrollas this morning in case they run out. Pretty sure I can sell them for $70k each in a week or two.

Jan 15

Sorry, but that only falls under Executive Privilege.

Sorry, but that only falls under Executive Privilege.

Oct 11

My mom got a 3 door Subaru Justy in ‘88. My brother and I were pretty good size, and we hated having to crawl into that back seat. It was better than taking long trips in my dad’s ‘84 Ranger. “No room in the cab, kids. You’ve got to ride for 2 hours in the bed. Hope it doesn’t rain.”

Apr 1 2019

Well, LYFT always wanted to fuk UBER, so I guess they found the best way possible! “Ha Ha.  Try to get public now, losers”

Mar 22 2019

So still no turn signals?

Dec 7 2018

I know too many people who won’t tell their kid off and then enforce a boundary when the kid keeps misbehaving. One person of my acquaintance has to feed his kid sweets to get him to go to school without having a tantrum. It seems incredibly sadistic to give a 6 year old a ton of sugar at 8am in the morning and then Read more

May 3 2018

It’s called a gag.

Nov 12 2016

there is a guy putting an ls4 and a 5 spd from a Cavalier into a Saturn s-series..

Feb 1 2016

Those are a great idea for homes aren’t already equipped with a SuperHoverBoard™ approved charging station.

Jan 5 2016

“I see you’re attempting to parallel park, I can assist with that!”

Aug 26 2015

Lowe’s shoppers can open aMyLowe’s account which helps make criminal investigations easier, tracks in-store purchases of handy items like chain saws and dropcloths, and remind you to buy things like lime and trash bags.

Jul 2 2014

According to Chiun, the correct answer is "Very fast."