Captain Bartlet

Having seen the Jr. version (and participated in a community theater production where we did the full show but had one "kid's matinee" with just the first act)- it's really not a good musical when it's just the first act. Read more

I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. Going to go sit in a corner doing a bitter lyrics rewrite of the entire music book. "Do not put your faith in a set of mouse ears. They will take everything near and dear to you and destroy it maliciously with a cruel and disturbing abandon." Read more

Whatever decade the Paleolithic Era was in

yesyesyesyesyes. Yes. "'i've never seen myself as someone who's been sexually assaulted, but, in retrospect, I have, repeatedly" Yes. Where does that feeling of "just laugh it off, he'll stop in a minute" come from when we're being held down on the floor? Why? Read more

"I would give blow jobs because I liked giving blow jobs, not because I cared about making guys like me (lie). Because that, from the age of 12 to 27, was my muddled interpretation of feminism. Unfortunately, it didn't make me impervious to sad, misguided, insecure men." Read more

While most anti-vaxxers have benefited from being vaccinated, society has not. Read more

That's just, like, The Journal of Language and Social Psychology's opinion, man. Read more

I'm sorry...did I just read that right? "Consensual but illegal sex"? Jesus H. Christ with the qualifiers and the "just get married if you don't want to get raped" and the "it happens all the time on college campuses"s. I seriously can't take it anymore! I feel like I live in a parallel universe. Read more

I think Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe would make a really great twee indie movie. Read more

One of my friends called him the Aaron Sorkin of young adult books, which seems so accurate. Except I love Aaron Sorkin, sooo... haha Read more

And that, kids, is why we learn to identify poison oak. Read more

So the 08 Obama campaign was one giant hook up scene for anyone under 30, just constant "YEAH! WE'RE DOING THIS! WE'RE GOING TO WIN! YEAH LET'S DO EACH OTHER!" Read more

One time I grew an 8 inch dick, jerked off for 2 days straight, and then it disappeared. Read more

One final note: to everyone who stopped by this thread simply to jerk off: welcome. Read more

Thanks for this. I love the way I look now, and plan to go gray and embrace my wrinkles when the time comes and be a hot old dame and all that jazz, but the second age starts to meld my chin and neck together, I'm getting that shit tucked, zero fucks given. Read more

Congratulations to your parents! That's gonna be a great party. Read more

Says the author whose name is Madeleine. Read more

Are you a fan of non-chocolate bar assorted candies? How about completely arbitrary internet rankings? Well, then,

The Captain actually sounded more like a character that Jimmy Cagney or George Raft would have played than like Katherine Hepburn or Cary Grant, although I really love their accents as well. I'm sure there's someone out there, some young person, who talks this way for no particular reason. If I find one, I'll let Read more