3:09 PM

Hmm. I thought all the damn deer in this country were in my backyard, dropping ticks and poops and riling up my doggie.

9:00 AM

The southern biscuit is one of America’s great culinary contributions. Of all the options for encasing a breakfast sandwich, the biscuit is my favorite. There is nothing to match the crisp top, fluffy middle and buttery flavor. These recipes are a welcome addition to my brunch collection.

2:17 AM

You know that for a fact? If Obama was white, do you think trump would have started the birtherism conspiracy? Obama was the most milquetoast fucking centrist consensus-builder imaginable. There is literally no excuse for the reaction the right had to him but racism.

6:57 PM

I find the Quater Pounders a bit salty and over done with pepper. but you are right, they seem to be more juicy than before. My favorite right now is the Bacon King or the Bacon King Jr. at BK.

1:52 PM

This entire ecosystem, which appears to be getting bigger every day, was bankrolled and built by people who have concluded the only way to reform the system is to build another one where the simplest form of healthcare is a saleable and aspirational experience, not a service. And definitely not a right. Read more

6:09 PM

Actually, the entirety of the next President’s first term will probably be eaten up with undoing all the stupid shit. Some of it will take decades.

5:59 PM

Trump has done more than any President before him, more than Bush Jr. or Nixon, to actually turn America into what our enemies have parodied and caricatured us as being. It will take the rest of this century to repair the diplomatic damage he has done.

9:25 AM

Another layer of audacity is how Rebel Wilson and James Corden were actively the worst parts of that movie (by a wide margin), but they’re trying to blame the VFX artists? Classless.

7:28 PM

In my fifties (just got here). Roughly 3% utilization on my credit cards (they effectively get paid off monthly) and a car loan of under $10k on a car worth a bit more than that. We keep it for convenience since it’s a low rate. 0 missed payments for 15+ years of history. Read more

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