Yesterday 5:51PM

It’s a Smyth Kit Cars Ute kit. They make them for a few different models. The Charger based one is my favorite.

Yesterday 5:43PM

Seems to be a bug-eye Impreza with the rear chopped off. 

Yesterday 5:21PM

Looks like it was custom made from a bugeye WRX. I recently saw a similar build from a Forrester of that approximate generation- looked nicer than I would have expected.

Yesterday 5:16PM

Looks like someone took an 02 WRX bugeye and chopped it to make it a pickup. I don’t know of any actual truck Subaru ever made like that.

Wednesday 1:18PM

Maybe I am only speaking for myself, but here’s another tip... Read more

Maybe I am only speaking for myself, but here’s another tip...

Wednesday 1:04PM

I’m excited! I liked (but didn’t love) Picard s1 and I’m sucker for time/timeline shenanigans. And this premise makes sense why Guinan will be involved as well (and it opens the door for basically anyone Star Trek wants to bring back without screwing with the existing timeline).

Wednesday 10:56AM

It’s incredible how effective of a lightning rod this is. A Karen on my local Nextdoor put up a post about it and a discussion that would take place at a school council meeting. Amidst all of the outrage, the blustering Trumpians couldn’t define what CRT was, or even why it was bad, other than the vaguest notion that Read more

Tuesday 11:29AM

This was a gloriously nerdy dive into this door failure. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday 10:34AM

My ‘98 Dodge Neon. Bought in 2003 for $2,000 with around 80K miles if I remember right. Nothing was wrong with it save for a missing radio. Even the dreaded head gasket had been replaced. I actually wanted a Neon because I had heard that they took well to performance mods, handled great, and were cheap to maintain

Monday 8:34PM

This is important to note for teens who think their days of dealing with their parents ends after high school!

Monday 4:18PM

I’ve had several heated arguments with people who talked about the right wing propaganda of the “Obamaphone”. Read more

Monday 3:01PM

This! This! This! Let’s add that many of the working poor that do collect snap benefits have both parents working with some of them working two jobs each because they can’t get full-time work with decent pay and/or benefits.
Read more

Monday 2:14PM

I spent 15 years working in social services. The amount of hatred towards the poor is absolutely amazing. “They have a cell phone!” Well yeah, they need a phone to do basically anything in today’s world. How can they take calls from work to cover a shift, how can they take calls about job interviews, how can they Read more

6/12/21 3:54AM

also 55 here. I have also tried this approach when it comes to politics with my no-contact mother and no-contact stepfather (both are also Fox News addicts). This seemed to work for quite a while but then one day my mother told me that it really bothered her husband that I wouldn’t talk politics with him. OMG there Read more

6/12/21 1:40AM

Muskmelon, and cantaloupe most of all out of that family. I’ve known/had a couple of cats that went NUTS for it and that seemed like the weirdest food obsession I’ve run across in cats.

6/10/21 9:41AM

Damnit, we’re never gonna get an actual adaptation of Replay, because crappy knock-offs of it have salted the earth. :(

6/20/20 2:57PM

Well, you have to be a really old Dad to remember elephant jokes. But here goes. Read more