Today 1:29PM

It sounds like on Sunday you could skip the air fryer and make them on the sidewalk! Read more

Today 12:01PM

He wanted to prove that only death is certain.

Today 11:30AM

A few years ago I found that the towel I dried off with after showering had enough on it that I spread it to other parts of me when I used it the next day. Read more

Today 11:16AM

One problem I have run into is shut-off valves that...don’t. Last year we did a lot of work in our master bath (wasn’t planned, but was required after the tub drain leaked), so I had a plumber replace all of my old multi-turn shut-off valves with new quarter-turn ball valves.

Yesterday 1:48PM

Back to the Galaxy Nexus! That was the. most. comfortable. phone to hold and use that I’ve ever had. The way the back and the screen curved slightly was great. That gentle up-sweeping curve made a lot of sense for the screen. Then later Samsung goes and makes curved down edges that make it harder to see the screen!

Yesterday 11:14AM

Hmmm...ulterior motive? (just kidding, but it’s a funny coincidence)

Tuesday 2:59PM

Usually, such egregious bugs are caught before an update hits the stable channel, but for some reason testers didn’t encounter this one during the beta period and it managed to slip through. Read more

Tuesday 11:36AM

It sounds pretty similar to Old El Paso taco kits and Chun King chow mein (created by an Italian American!).

Tuesday 10:37AM

Nothing, for a change! We’re going to my brother-in-law’s, so they’re doing the cooking. I cooked, extensively, for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Now it’s somebody else’s turn.

Monday 10:54AM

Probably almost literally anything. We wrap all kinds of stuff in tortillas and cream cheese in the Midwest! I’ve seen cornichons in there, so that would be a pretty good substitute.

6/18/21 2:24PM

Is it better than Tabasco? Very likely yes, because everything is better than Tabasco! I really like Cholula myself. As you say, it’s very flavorful without being excessively hot. I guess Tabasco has flavor, but that flavor is vinegar.

6/17/21 10:30PM

It’s from the “Love Shack” video above. I mean, I know it’s not Rand Paul; I know when the B-52s did the song, because I graduated from high school in the 80s. But dang if it doesn’t look exactly like him.

6/17/21 4:55PM

Whaaat is that white vehicle?!? Because I love it! Is that custom made from a Legacy or something (I’m not an expert in Subaru)? Or did they make a Brat that looked like that?

6/17/21 4:52PM

I agree with you on crinkle fries...EXCEPT that the best fries I’ve ever had are at a local little bar, and they’re crinkle cut. It’s strange, there’s nothing weird about them, just normal frozen fries. But somehow the way they cook them or something makes them just amazing. Crispy on the outside, fluffy and very Read more

6/17/21 1:03PM

Dairy Queen has cheese curds here (Southern IL, an hour straight east of St. Louis), as well as some other local places.

6/16/21 1:07PM

The things that make all of today’s vehicles look so similar, are the things that make our designs so efficient in terms of packaging and aerodynamics. Read more

6/16/21 1:01PM

It looks reasonably nice (i.e. it looks pretty much like almost every other current sedan).

6/16/21 12:57PM

I’m 55 years old and am actually FB friends with my own 3rd grade teacher. It’s been disappointing to find how far-right she is now, because she was one of my favorite teachers. (It was a small school; she taught us various subjects from 3rd through 8th grade.) There have been a few times when I was going to comment Read more