As a long-time Bears fan, it was hard to believe the quarterback overthrowing receivers, holding onto the ball too long, and getting strip sacked wasn’t playing for Chicago.  Read more

This fan base is Delta House with all the intentional comedy removed.  Read more

+1 Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Read more

Thankfully it only applies to conversations with him. But we talk all the time, especially during the season.  Read more

Yes, I meant Super Bowl wins. I have the Sexy Rexy Bowl and he has the McNabb Vomit Bowl and the Plunkett Bowl. Read more

My best friend for the last 35 years is as die-hard of an Eagles fan as I am a Bears fan (meaning we are two idiots who will hold onto the 1 Super Bowl we will experience tighter than any actual meaningful moment from our sad lives). Read more

Thank you for sharing. It is helpful to know that, if we’re going to walk to our doom on the top deck of the Poseidon, at least we will not be alone. Read more

He looks like he’s lugging that bat to Golgotha before his crucifixion. Read more

He was probably trying to throw outside. Read more

It wouldn’t surprise me if Pete Carroll greeted combine participants completely naked and asked them to smell the cologne on his wrist before recruiting them to sell Confederated Products. Read more

Honestly, that is Princess Bride “land war in Asia” quality. Read more

Roethlisberger is what you get when you dilute Tom Brady with Ryan Leaf until you have a QB who wins just enough to sell expensive seats to the same corporate d-bags who ran working class jobs out of Pittsburgh, but also has a personality Pennsyltuckians can relate to. Read more

The Panthers are the most McMansiony of all the newer NFL teams. There’s a flashy surface value to them that covers up cheap drywall, a leaky roof, and faulty plumbing that always need fixing every couple years. They have the personality of a subdivision called Gridiron Grotto where there’s an artificial lake that is Read more

He looks and writes like a Heritage Foundation Gollum lusting after his cock ring of power. Read more

Toilet hoagie feels like a Magary move. Read more

Their fanbase is a Ted Nugent song come to life. Read more

Full name: Charles Bukowski Jr. Read more

Honestly I do this all the time with the 85 Bears so I can’t throw a brick through that glass house.  Read more

The Bills once being Super Bowl contenders is like the Republican Party once championing black civil rights: a historical fact that seems like a myth and also something that will never, ever happen again.  Read more

During every Lions home broadcast, the pan shots of the Lions crowd should be set to that Sarah McLachlan song they play during the abused animal commercial. Read more