I do know one person who is definitely not trying to control Kanye’s mind: Kanye.
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This blowsy, orange blowhard. Read more

I like generals who DON’T lose.
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So what I’m hearing is, she’s the long lost love child of T’Challa and Storm? Read more

Honestly her double double layout (and even her silivas) embarrasses 98% of men in MAG already. Read more

Can we see her fool around with rings or the pommel horse at some point? Or would that be too humiliating for the entire sport of men’s gymnastics? Read more

Using his free time on a job that is 99% debilitating wankery to entertain people makes him a “lowlife?” As someone who has tangentially supervised night guards in the past, I can tell you if he’s not selling drugs, stealing, or actively breaking shit, he’s in the running for employee of the month. By using his time Read more

Some of those definitely sounded like they required some follow-up paperwork. Read more

I’m definitely glad he was fired over this. Security guards are supposed to be silent but deadly. Read more

I went to Catholic school. At least once a week we had go pray silently in the chapel. And every week it was basically a competition to see who could unseal the funniest fart, because there is literally nothing in the world funnier than a fart in a silent, solemn environment.  Read more

Ah. A modern-day Le Petomane, if you will. Read more

What is this strange role that Benedict Cumberbatch has gained so much weight for? Read more

Tragic. One wonders if this situation could’ve been avoided if Uber cars were more readily identifiable, perhaps all painted and designed in a specific uniform pattern, their drivers also unionized and licensed specifically to insure a certain degree of safety to both the passenger and driver alike. These driver’s Read more

Seeing as he has a Wells Fargo account, they probably took his house instead. Read more

I tried, but accidentally put it in to a Doc Hollywood video.
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...and then Rod Serling will walk into your bedroom to tell you this was all a cautionary tale of what might have happened...from The Twilight Zone. Read more

There’s more to me than being a denier of the Holocaust. Read more

I get it, but it’s still a little sad the character of Leia won’t get a proper wrap up because understandably no one can bring themselves to replace Carrie Fisher (starting with Hamill). Leia is the unquestioned biggest hero of the Skywalker saga. Anakin broke. Ben broke. Han broke and Luke broke. Only Leia stood tall Read more

She’s a multi-award winning/nominated author and arguably the most recognized writer to bring Caribbean speculative fiction into the mainstream. Not to mention being a prominent writing instructor and anthology editor. After Butler and Delany, she’s probably the most respected, well-known black spec-fic writer in the Read more