I do closed captioning, for which I usually clean up people’s speech, eliminating filler words and false starts. I barely knew where to start with this one, and finally did it close to verbatim instead. Because the full extent of the crazy really should be documented in the transcript. Read more

If you want to stir up outrage about this, why are you ignoring the worst part, which is that Serena’s catsuit was designed to protect her against blood clots, which almost killed her after she gave birth? Read more

Noam Chomsky is an icon to many of the sort of people who vote for the Green Party, and he is of the opinion that you should absolutely vote for the lesser of two evils. Because your vote is not about expressing your personal identity, it’s about doing the most good for the most people.  Read more

Yeah, I interviewed a potential roommate today who was black. He only just got here, and noted that while it was definitely super white, it didn’t seem all that racist. I told him to give it time. Read more

I read it as not contradicting her husband as blatantly as if she’d just said he was working to do good things. Could be what you said too, though. Read more

The biggest expenses in our health care system are CEO salaries and shareholder bonuses. Read more

It doesn’t have to be a dog. There was someone with a service horse the size of a St. Bernard at the Starbucks up the street from me a few weeks ago. And unlike dogs, service horses can live 30 years, although they need more room. But you can put rubber shoes on them and housebreak them just fine. Read more

There’s a lot of legendary black people who are relatively unknown by white people. Read more

Hospitals can easily afford lower reimbursement rates once they no longer have to jack up the cost of everything they bill to insurance in order to cover the cost of treating the uninsured in the ER.  Read more

What would have been the point of that, since none of them came from either of those places? Sigh. Read more

What would have been the point of that, since none of them came from either of those places? Sigh. Read more

The best programmers I know were self-taught. Not everyone learns well on their own, but if you’re the sort of person that does, being provably good is better than being dubiously certified. Get certifications, by all means, but research which ones are the most meaningful, and also which ones can allow you to Read more

You can learn to code and start doing it without giving up the career you have until you’re confident you can make it as a programmer. Don’t waste your money on boot camps; their placement rate is not that great. Just do online courses at your own pace. Try to create a helpful little app or extension that meets a Read more

Because Cruz is almost as smart as he is awful. If he wasn’t so awful that everyone hated him, he would be a lot more dangerous. Read more

Yeah, this list of how bad everyone feels is making me feel less bad. Read more

Do you know how to genuinely tickle a cat? Read more

My neighbor recently set up a GoFundMe to keep me from getting evicted because of a flatmate who constantly patted himself on the back for how feminist he was with one hand while filling every square of his privilege bingo card with the other. The campaign intersperses the jaw-dropping details with adorable cat videos Read more

What kind of person tells someone sharing a GoFundMe in an open thread that nobody fucking cares, please stop? Why would you go out of your way to try and a make total stranger who is admitting they are in a bad situation and need help feel worse? Read more

We Have Always Lived in the Castle would be amazing. Read more