There are also Pomeranian / Husky mixes ( Pomsky?).

My understanding that was that while wolves (canis lupus) and dogs (canis familiaris) are indeed different in important ways, they are not distinct species. Read more

My family had a Malamute/Wolf mix when I was growing up. He was the best dog that I’ve ever know. He was playful, intelligent, and protective. His wolf-side never seemed to have an effect on his personality.
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I was all ready to contradict you, but it turns out you’re right. 15,000 years of genetic drift apparently is not enough to separate the species completely. Dogs are properly not “Canis Familiaris”; that’s shorthand. They’re Canis Lupus Familiaris, a subspecies of the Grey Wolf. Hence why they can breed so Read more

This study omits the greatest difference between wolves and dogs: Wolves, when questioned, are unable to determine who a good boy is. Read more

“Species” really is a moving target. Read more

Indeed, wolves and dogs are the same species, Canis Lupus, and domesticated dogs are just a subspecies, Canis Lupus Familiaris. Different dog breeds are not even different subspecies. Read more

Just learned about wolfdogs myself this year - that is mindboggling. “Species” really is a moving target. Read more

You have to watch the “species definition” thing - biologists have more than one definition for species, because they’re fluid entities and the same criteria don’t always apply from group to group or species to species. “Being able to interbreed” isn’t the same as “interbreeding” - it really does depend upon how often Read more

My understanding that was that while wolves (canis lupus) and dogs (canis familiaris) are indeed different in important ways, they are not distinct species. They can interbreed (and produce fertile offspring) which is where the line is usually drawn. I think the new thing is that dogs are looked at as basically a Read more

My siberian husky used to greet me biting me softly on my neck while she was throwing me to the floor. She did not even bark, she only howled.
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7th?? My husky would disagree...

They have better judgement than a lot of people. I’m sure they think about biting- it’s definitely not off the table, for them, but you can just see them deciding how much trouble someone is. Chows have a narrow field of vision, because of the way their eyes are set - so you should never bring up a hand under their Read more

They’ll just pick one family member to protect, and you won’t know who it is until everyone else is bitten first, lol. Everyone. I love dogs like crazy, and wouldn’t own a Chow. Way too much liability. Read more

Well that explains why my Shiba can be such a sh!t sometimes.

They can be very attitudinal for sure. Read more

And they’ll bite every-damned-body that walks through the front door, lol. Read more

I’ve had Chow Chows for years...they’re very strong willed and independant.
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On that note, you’ll never guess which dog breed has the most DNA in common with wolves...

Wow. Much amazing. Very History. Read more