Get well soon, Drew! I’m not even much of a sports fan, but you’re one of the main reasons I check Deadspin. Your writing is top-notch. You are missed. Read more

When she was on NCIS, she made that boring-ass show actually almost-worth watching for one episode. True fact! Read more

I’m in pain just thinking about that. Read more

Sounds like you need to hire an immigration lawyer to cut through the red tape. Read more

That minister was a Douchebag with a capital D. Read more

That is so stupid! Of course dogs go to heaven! All dogs go to heaven. All animals go to heaven. That’s my personal theory, but I’ve never seen a reason not to believe it.

Read more

We have no f’ing choice. That’s why.

And I can’t move to Canada because I have too serious a health problem, too. (Chronic migraine.) Read more

He could be both kinds of abuser for all we know. Read more

What movie is this from? I must watch it! Read more

That’s actually quite sad. Read more

Fuck them. Nobody talks about working class people of color. Read more

He will never, ever finish.
Someone else will finish the series. Read more

I’ve read book one and a fourth of book 2.
The second book sucked ass. I gave up. Read more