Oct 28

Much like Lauren isn’t saying that the Broncos are trying to kill Joe Flacco, I’m not suggesting that emailing with complaints about the current media strategy will send it to the chucklefucks responsible for making these decisions. Read more

Oct 5 2019

you are literally like the only one.  I swear nearly every comment I saw was how much her character sucked

Sep 30 2019

A reminder that the Broncos were rather recently Super Bowl champs with a stacked roster and one of the best defenses in the history of the sport. All they needed was a half-decent quarterback, Kaepernick wanted to go there, and Elway was willing to have him. But Elway insisted the Niners pay most of his salary Read more

Sep 16 2019

Fucking hell, man, the man’s brain being mush is an important fucking issue. It’s not “free ammo” for Trump. It’s incredibly germane to the question of whether he should be the nominee and/or the president. It’s a much bigger difference between him and the candidates with working brains than their healthcare proposals Read more

Sep 15 2019

I’m disappointed we never got a Charlie in the land of Oz spin off.  Hell, I’m disappointed it was never even something anyone considered.

Sep 14 2019

The first five seasons tell a more or less contained epic story from start to apocalyptic showdown. Everything after that is, really, just extras. Are there some good stories in the next ten seasons? Sure. If you quit after the first five season arc are you missing out on anything vital? Not really.

Sep 13 2019

someone should create a documentary which tracks down these audience members, have them recount the experience and show us how the car, if still in their possession, has fared. Read more

Sep 10 2019

Five bucks says the Patriots knew about this. Five more says the Raiders didn't.

Aug 26 2019

I’ve seen someone on Twitter say that those are Imperial Star Destroyers, not first order. Read more