Dec 6 2013

Myself and a few friends all received Saturday schools for showing the shocker in yearbook photos (also BFE Ohio, 2002). Thought I would be slick and tell my mom I had to work a double shift at the local grocery that Saturday. SHOCKINGLY she found out anyway and I had to explain, in graphic detail to my mother, what Read more

Dec 5 2013

RTFA. Seriously. Is that so hard? It says what he uses, right there, in the third paragraph. The final paragraph I might add. If you can't read a three paragraph article before posting, then why the hell are you here?

Dec 4 2013

It's still not abuse. Your response also presupposes that gender roles are an equal playing field in the outside world, that this commercial exists in its own vaccuum where women and men share all the power, everything split down the middle: harmony. Sexism does not go both ways. Rude behavior may, yes I know Read more

Dec 3 2013

Wow 65 stars?All I got after I read this comment is "Awww poor baby doesn't like jokes..."

You dump her.. and possibly get a restraining order. It's not like she has 100 pounds on you and is stronger like most abusive men to women relationships.

Dec 3 2013

I agree with this. I think that women are leaders of groups, just not in the traditional ways that we think of. My mother is and has been the leader of my family but my father, for most of my young life, "brought home the bacon", and seemed in charge.

"Leading", in my opinion, is much more complex than hierarchy Read more

Dec 3 2013

Right, because there's no such thing as imperfect science! And no such thing as irresponsible extrapolation and inaccurate writing about science! Thanks for your insight.

Dec 3 2013

This desk would be fantastic and probably get me arrested during the shipping process if it was sent air freight

Dec 3 2013

Massachusetts is rude and doesn't swear much? Please go fuck yourself.