Feb 4

I was wondering the same thing. Clicked through to the Guardian article and did some searching, and apparently Iván Diaz Mathé worked with Lee Scratch Perry on a record released in 2019? The cursory parenthetical way Scratch is mentioned in this article is so odd, and it confused me rather than adding clarifying Read more

Jan 13

I’m in Barbados and we started the new year with the surge after months of zero local cases. Since the start of 2021 we’ve had more cases that we had in the whole of 2020. It’s really quite infuriating. 

Jan 8

The squirrel considers herself to be super-sweet, y’all. She didn’t mean to make anyone feel as if she was hurting their feelings.

Dec 3

I was thinking the same thing. It’s not Clooney telling the story that irks me even, it’s the hyperbolic (to borrow their own expression) Jez has conveyed it. Read more

Nov 12

About two thirds of the mango usage this season has been due to Dave. Dave really really really likes mango.

Oct 22

Genuinely curious: if a store sells food and household items (paper towels, household cleaners, that kind of thing) does that tip it over from grocery store to supermarket, or is it the inclusion of the additional services that does that? 

Oct 13

Awesome! it’s been a while since Jez had a design update that everyone could complain about. You know what? I don’t hate it. There have been past redesigns that were much harder to get used to. This one is fine. It’s fine. Read more

Oct 8

I just want to thank you for that delightful and evocative use of the word “lumbered”.

Oct 5

Their work wasn’t submitted this year and won’t be submitted in future. What I gather from their Twitter thread is that after what happened with their longlisting last year, the furore around it, and the statement re a new policy “around gender fluid, transgender and transgender non-binary writers”, their publisher, Read more

Sep 30

I was appalled when I saw that clip and further appalled when the [initial] news coverage I saw reported it as “President Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists” as opposed to, say, “President Trumps tells white supremacists to get ready for action”. That’s not even a dog whistle, it’s a fucking bullhorn, and it Read more

Sep 14

I find Adriene’s personality in her videos charming (and it felt like the personality she shows in her videos definitely came through in this interview). I’ve tried a few other YouTube yoga instructors and the one who really hit the sweet spot for me is SarahBeth of SarahBethYoga: Read more

Jul 29

If there is a case to be made with respect to the Mercury Prize that consideration should be given to expanding eligibility to both citizens and permanent residents (or whatever the appropriate category of resident would be) of Britain and Ireland (perhaps with qualifications based on period of residency), okay fine. Read more

Jul 27

I want to give her the biggest hug. That tweet about her being real life hurt and real life traumatized was so heartbreaking and yet so moving in its vulnerability and anger and honesty.

Jul 16

I’m not in Canada, I’m in Barbados. Our active cases went down to zero about two weeks ago.