Feb 5

The first one that really hit me that I remember was River Phoenix. I was a Junior in High School in 1993 and was sleeping over at my friends house. In the morning I was coming up the stairs from her basement bedroom and she yelled down the stairs at me that River Phoenix had died last night and I just sort of Read more

Feb 4

Lee Scratch Perry is an 85 yr old jamaican reaggae dude, what does he have to do with what seems to be a couple of delighfully insufferable white hipsters ?

Jan 30

Obviously editorial oversight is slack on weekends, but this reprint of your profile needs to be framed in terms of SOPHIE’s tragically accidental death while moon watching on Thursday.

Jan 15

But seriously, who doesn’t want a real estate broker who at the beginning of every open house yells “We’re going to [expletive deleted] go in there! Life or death, it doesn’t matter!” and then screams “This is our house!” once you get inside.

Dec 31

So the OP decides to post a slight microaggesion about how Alexander Wang sounds like Andrew Yang (it doesn’t really, and if it was an honest mistake, staying silent about it is an option). Second poster decides to build on that by hijacking unrelated topic further to crassly suggest that Jews won’t vote for an Asian Read more

Dec 24

Created an account just for this. First I have to say, Métis is not just a term she used. We are a nation, with our own language and kinship networks, and she most definately knew this. At some point it is easy to believe she just didn’t know/had a family story, but that would have stopped making sense many, many Read more

Dec 16

I was surprised at The Times for writing this stupid thing when I read it yesterday..for all the reasons cited here.
Why coddle this fool? No one cancelled shit, he received appropriate consequences. Read more

Dec 14

she can have a bad take here and still have had the experience she’s claiming to have had with labeouf. one doesn’t invalidate the other.

Dec 7

It’s the irritated but polite Aunty energy that really sells it. Her team is guiding her well, the merch is a natural progression and the memoirs should be next.

Dec 6

Can I be honest. I am literally obsessed with her hair. I love it. Like Faye Dunaway in Towering Inferno. I love her hair.

Dec 3

Ugh I hate stories like this. Yes, I get the “cuteness” of a couple of toddlers speaking a foreign language their parents don’t understand but... Read more

Nov 30

It’s not throwing money away if it works for you.  

Nov 25

At least this all stands as proof that the royal family, after a century in the spotlight, are still itty-bitty weaklings. Read more