9/13/19 1:58PM

TBH we should give Tuvalu a supercarrier because those 10k peeps will need a place to live when their islands are underwater later this century.

7/01/19 7:36PM

I don’t think this was a good way for Koenigsegg to correct the record. They should have tweeted, “Quick jump on this One:1 before Bonham’s figures out how much it’s really worth”... which would have alerted Koenigsegg’s Saudi clientele, that follow their Twitter page, this auction is coming up and they need to bid Read more

6/17/19 11:26PM

Davey was my best and only friend from k-6th grade and really gave credence to the final words in the movie Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like I had when I was 12.” Rather, I am 43 now and I still have never found a friend quite like him later in life. Sadly I will never get to tell him face to face Read more

6/04/19 2:52PM

Honestly, while some criticized this design and its body proportions, I’ve always had a thing for this beauty...

5/14/19 8:57AM

Obviously not, as they actually did something with it.

4/10/19 4:46PM

Working on our own fox body gambler at the moment... Fox in a tux, aka Lincoln LSC.

4/10/19 4:11PM

Is that style cargo rack the new “thing” now? I have been seeing that thing everywhere from subarus, jeeps and even kia sedonas.

4/10/19 1:52PM

This shitheap looks like one of those circus rides where youd hit your head or jab your hip on a metal bar every 4 seconds during the ride, and yet still have to pretend at the end that it was fun so you wouldn’t look like a wuss.

A very drain bamaged NP.

4/10/19 11:35AM

And you can’t take the side-by-side OFF the trail. Not in most places, not legally. For one fourth the price, you get way more practicality - all the while not giving practicality a moment’s consideration. Read more

4/10/19 11:33AM

I’d drive this thing to court, church, funerals, fundraisers, (shotgun) weddings. It’s just freaking awesome.

4/10/19 8:15AM

In the world of automotive toys, $55oo isn’t much ask.  This is crazy enough I’d say it’s a fair price.  Fly your freak flag high, give zero fucks, and NP.