Beatrix Potter
Jun 29 2016

The speculation was always that Lyanna and Rheagar were in fact married. The Targaryens were known to have multiple wives in the past.

Jun 27 2016

I love the Eldritch Apocalypse theory, but I don’t think Euron literally has a kraken or is going to summon Cthulhu. It’s just too OTT. I do think he has a major role to play in the books, and considering the show just spent a season wiping out the Boltons, the Freys, and cutting everything in King’s Landing down to Read more

Jun 27 2016

I think the insinuation was the the Freys were killed along the road to the Twins. When Walder asks where his sons are, Arya responds that “They’re here.”, and he asks why they haven’t come to see him yet, suggesting perhaps that they were due to arrive with Jaime and didn’t. Or maybe they stayed behind to secure Read more

Jun 27 2016

I thought we had already seen Arya do the face thing in an earlier episode. Am I not remembering that correctly?

The dragons destroyed one ship in the slavers’ fleet, not the entire fleet (and it took them a little while to pull that off). Read more

Jun 21 2016

Right behind me. Just imagine, I could be giving bad advice, dry humor, and horrible puns on the comment thread for the next HUNDRED YEARS!

Jun 19 2016

Except it was at night, and he was supposed to have met people for a rehearsal hours before. Not the time you generally work on your car.

Jun 19 2016

Really looking forward to this and Dark Matter coming back.

May 31 2016

No, but there is such a thing as terrible people getting elected because of indifferent voters.

May 26 2016

I became a fan of the author before I read her books... I read them because my kid told me to and I said “well, she seems like an excellent person, so let’s give it a shot”. Loved them, and my kid loved that I loved them. So, yeah, she could say anything and I’d swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Read more