May 4 2014

Except the tape in question is far more likely to look like this, than like a stupid 80's audio cassette. Its not antiquated technology, but rather just something that hasn't been marketed to home users in a very long time.

Mar 18 2014

I'm not really much of a troll, but the idea of all the 'Porsche is Sacred' snobs just biting through their Meerschaums at the very thought of this abomination makes me smile. Love the cranky roar of an unmuffled diesel barfing fumes out of the back of a 911, screw you, pretension.

Aug 29 2013

400 HP, 400 lb/ft, 0-60 is... I forget what, but surprisingly low. Edit: 6.2. Not quick for a car, perhaps, but for a zip code, quick. Read more