Thats dumb. I feel no loyalty to the companies I’ve worked for. I provide them labor, they provide me money. That’s the relationship. Read more

Import Levorg STi with a six speed! Read more

I’m happy that they made sure to offer the six speed on their NA cars. There are those of us out there that aren’t one of the STi/WRX/ BRZ(fake Subaru) that own NA models that still want a manual. In several years, when I replace my ‘09 Outback, I would very much like to buy another Outback with three pedals, or a Read more

Picking the car up, as opposed to trying to get a car that low to roll up and onto a rollback tow truck is much easier. You would have to set up a series of ramps to get it onto a rollback. That is unless you have a very specific type of truck where the bed can be pushed back and then laid onto the road flat. So I Read more

All I know is that if I had been impeded by this personally, I would have considered it more time to laugh my ass off at whatever wealthy person thought the rules didn’t apply to them. Read more

But did you know that this car existed before you saw this post? Everybody knows what a Sebring is. Read more

Could be like you, just assume that every Subaru ever just blows head gaskets for fun. And how often does an insurance company take into account head gasket failure? Read more

A 1991 Chevrolet S10. I was living in Kansas for college, and my girlfriend at the time and I were sharing her Ford Focus. My brother had the truck sitting around doing and saw that I was imprisoned by sharing her car at her whim. So when I came home to WV for the Christmas one year he sold it to me. It had been Read more

My parents upgraded then downgraded according to how many kids they had. Read more

Love this. How many Japanese cars have LS swaps? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This just goes to show that American cars are not exempt from international engine swaps. Read more

Oh my! That is amazing. How did you come across all those super obscure parts? Read more

The first engines they built were very loosely based on the Ford engines. But they quickly designed their own proprietary engines. Read more

Two words....Subaru Supercar. Read more

You pretty much just described how a Detroit Diesel works. Read more

I live five miles from this school. Would love to work there. Crazy to think that one of the best rally schools is that close to me. Really cool when I see one of their rally cars in town. My work even sells parts to them. Read more

That was awesome, painful, and awkward to watch. Awesome to see stock versions of that car actually racing, painful to see the damage, and awkward to see something that fast on such a small track. Read more

Yup, just like a CLS, GLK, and CLA are coupes.... Read more

Chicken tax is more like domestic manufacturers being too chicken shit to compete with truly global competition. Read more