They don’t make the foreign brands park farther away. They just put handicapped parking closer... Read more

I wish a car brand could be as fun today as Subaru was in the early days.

I think we found the 12 year old... or at least someone with the mentality of one.
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If Saab was able to figure out how to electronically operate a clutch (Saab Sensonic 900NG) in the mid 1990s, I would think Subaru should be able to figure out how to depress the clutch electronically in the event of an emergency stop. Just my thought. Read more

I want a manually operated CVT. Give me a stick that I can slide fore and aft. Infinity speed manual transmission. Read more

In the UK if you have a car on the street without insurance, you’re committing a crime. End of story. And to be honest this would have been picked up by pretty quickly by a traffic warden anyway; they do DVLA checks for tax as they go now (because UK cars don’t have tax discs anymore), and no insurance would mean no Read more

For anyone that’s interested, because I was and did a little searching. Jim did his run using a somewhat modified ex-Kurt Busch NASCAR Dodge Charger superspeedway car. He maintained an average speed of 217.557 mph over 90 miles! And blew through the speed trap at 243.7 mph.

It blows me away what governments are able to accomplish by way of these dick measuring contests. The Manhattan Project, space race, Nazi technology... Can you imagine if Trump and Putin were somehow convinced that the first nation to become carbon neutral would ‘win’? Read more

End of discussion.

I had the exact same reaction as you did,and even after I’d found out it was aftermarket,my thoughts are,ACC did it,so at least it’s a reputable company, and not done half-assed,you definitely won’t find another one around,even if they made 3,000 or them,and finally,if all else fails,throw a STi drivetrain in it! NP Read more

You have to try very, very hard to blow up an EA71 engine. They’re freaking bulletproof. So hard to kill, in fact, that it and its sister EA81 have been used in custom-built airplanes. Read more

Before I read that it was a custom job, my brain exploded and said “HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW SUBARU MADE A CONVERTIBLE”. Read more

I don’t care, NP and will be flying one of these flags from the back seat.

My wife and I have two vehicles: a 2016 Mazda6 i Touring and a 2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport. We have one child, a son, and he is seven-weeks-old as of today. Read more

Here is a two photos of all the in the racks at my workshop, they are know as Subaru 1235 engines. As you can see there are plenty of original castings.

I'm actually starting to wonder when certain automakers are going to start packing in more rotors instead of continuing to develop bigger and bigger rotors. Read more

The last time the purist tried to keep jazz pure here in the states, it died and went overseas to Europe and Japan. So the moral is, keeping things too pure will kill it. So I vote yes to this mod!! Besides, I'd rather drive a "driver" GTO than stare at a "collectible" GTO in a garage because you're afraid to wreck it. Read more