Spider-Punk was great in the movie. I loved how he was both a voice of wisdom, but also one the movie takes with a grain of salt. Read more

Isn’t it ironic that pirates may be our only hope? Read more

At least with torrents there’s a stopgap. Read more

Streaming is effectively recreating the world that existed before home video, where you’d come across some show or movie on TV and never be able to see it again. We’re going backwards.  Read more

This looks to be the most subversive film since Fight Club, and Repo Man before that.  Can’t wait to see it. Read more

“Dunno, this sounds like your run of the mill fictional/toy being cast into the real world.” Read more

Every time I get a little more info about this movie I get more excited. The birkenstocks and stilettos being a stand in for the red pill and blue pill, and Barbie choosing to stay in the fantasy world. *chefs kiss* Read more

My head-canon is that Will Ferrell’s character here and in the live action portions of The Lego Movie are the same character.
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That would be amazing, whole movie he’s just going along with it because holy shit this masked dude has a gun no claws or healing factor. Then at the climax of the film Hugh gets shot through the head only to stand up with his healing factor triggering, claws out and he just goes “holy shit I’m a badger!” Read more

Honestly a true-to-comics Wolverine who is all-in on being a costumed superhero and is simultaneously on like 5 different teams is something we haven’t seen. Movie Wolverine was only ever begrudgingly part of the X-Men. Read more

She really was a wonderful choice, and I can’t wait to see what more she can do!
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This looks like a whole lot of fun. Every do themselves a favor though and stay the fuck away from the Youtube comments. Holy shit, people are awful. Read more

Can’t wait! Iman Vellani just inhabits Kamala so well that I can’t stop grinning when she’s on screen. Read more

Absolutely gutted at this. The Wire is my fave show of all time by miles and Daniels was a huge part of that. Read more

I don’t know if the ghost in Ghost Cat (one of Elliot Page’s first roles) is incompetent, but it is a cat, which has to count for something. Read more

I was like “How pricey can they be?” and I was...not prepared. Read more

Irrespective of the cost, most of these simply look cheap and ill made. Read more

I mean, it’s not exactly a huge question why it didn’t succeed: it was, by all accounts, a mediocre vanity project in a nebulously established franchise that’s been hit or miss based around a relatively niche character who really was only of interest to Johnson himself. Read more

Yeah, that didn’t make sense. Why would it being PG-13 mean they couldn’t have a bar? There are bars at movie theaters that show G rated movies.
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