Alton Brown's Balls
Nov 8

I don’t think we can say with any certainty that your dogfucker post *isn’t* the most valuable piece of journalism on this site.

Nov 4

When I was in college, 20+ years ago, I remember firing up our email client (Groupwise, I believe) and finding an email from a classmate, and then firing up Netscape Navigator to visit a URL, at his direction, that promised some good laughs. Read more

Nov 4

Christ. I’ve never been more thankful to be on lockdown with Mrs. Dugan’s Piss Tape than at this exact moment. Thank you for sharing. 

Nov 5 2018

The equivalent punting performance would be running on to the field during a Salute to Service break, going full John Wick on a TROOP’s twig’n’berries with your foot, and then kicking the mascot’s head into the crowd where it impales a Make a Wish kid.

Aug 7 2018

Best final stage? American Gladiators (original) or GTFO. Just an endless barrage of semi-fit people getting mutilated by the best of 1980's roid rage.

Jun 22 2018

I think i have the best way of ever learning about Vader:
Watched him first in WWF, i thought he sucked.
Read a whole lot about him with Mick Foley’s book, which made him a really cool guy.
Career resurrection in Japan where they loved him so much they couldn’t wait to give him more titles and amazed me that he was Read more

Apr 1 2018

As a media trade journalist since the late 1980's, I had some exposure to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Baltimore-based executives — I can just tell you they are some of the most wacked-out, Murdoch-style Far Right monopolists and wingnuts in any American industry sector. David Smith, one of the sons of the founders and Read more

Feb 26 2018

“For real, what a completely worthless bag of shit this President is.”

Man... not cool slandering worthless bags of shit like that...

Aug 31 2016

If a shoe and apparel company wants advertising on the site in association with a viral hoax they can call our sales department.

Aug 30 2016

Yeah, this is idiotic. Everyone knows you can’t get a dick-growing pill from a pediatrician. You get them from ads on PornHub.