Dec 5

I recognize that there are definitely Star Wars fans who think Boba Fett was a poser, presumably having grown up with much more Star Wars media than just the Original Trilogy, such as Clone Wars and Rebels. Read more

Jul 21

Korra deserves some re-examining, especially in light of shows like She-Ra. Will be nice to re-watch. 

Jun 11

It is the most hilariously overdesigned piece of console tech I’ve ever seen and I am HERE for it. It’s like if Audi made a console. It’s like if Frank Lloyd Wright took a stab at an Apple product. The fucking thing has FINS for crying out loud! The only way it looks even more ridiculous is if it could do 0-60 in 9 Read more

May 20

When I first started playing Apex Legends, the ping system that made it so I didn’t have to use voice chat in order to communicate pertinent, relevant information felt downright revolutionary, because voice chat for the longest time has been the domain of every dipshit who thinks anonymity gives them the right to Read more

Apr 23

My favorite bit about all of this is exploring these characters, all of them iconic, in new circumstances and a new adventure. That’s something you can’t do again. You can’t 1:1 the impact of Aeris getting stabbed, or the revelation that Cloud isn’t who he said he is. Those events and everyone’s reaction to them Read more

Apr 17

I’m still eagerly anticipating this, but it’s absolutely mind boggling that it’s been almost 8 entire years since 3.0 even dropped. Read more

Jan 31 2020

Look at how smug he is! It’s glorious. I can’t wait until he’s getting a tan in Costa Del Sol.

Dec 23 2019

I actually think the anachronic order of everything is pretty clever, or at the very least presented in a way that’s not reallyconfusing as long as you’re paying attention. That moment in Ep3 is also when I piece it together, and I’m someone who dislikes when a show holds my hand and spends too much time on exposition Read more

Nov 29 2019

To me, FF8 is better if you just age the main group up in your head and make them all college aged, like 19-22. It makes the amnesia thing land better and their personalities and roles make much more sense.

Nov 19 2019

“Stick to video games” is, itself, political. It’s real fucking annoying that the world is interconnected as much as it is and yet we still have “The Powers That Be” pretend that it’s not...but only when it suits them. Read more

Nov 14 2019

I’ve been convinced for a while that Fallout 76 isn’t a game, but Todd Howard’s personal social experiment gone awry a la the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Oct 24 2019

By the end of his time in Miami, he turned into a really lazy defender even inside the paint. He deters shots because he’s fucking huge but overall he doesn’t like moving much. Read more

Oct 9 2019

On one hand, I’m loathe to support anything Ted fucking Cruz has his grimy little mitts in because it’s 100% certain he’s not doing it for any altruistic reason and this is merely a publicity stunt for him. Read more