Feb 5

If theres one controversy ME3 shouldve had more of, its killing off longstanding journalist character Emily Wong ON TWITTER, and replacing her with this walking conflict of interest between IGN and EA.

Feb 2

Still bummed about no ME:3 multiplayer. I loved my giant pink Geth murderbot. 

Dec 4

I know I’m in the minority on this, but honestly, this was probably the worst episode of The Mandalorian so far to me. Read more

Nov 19

Any time you hear about something incredibly corrupt destroying American lives, turns out Reagan helped it get there. 

Apr 23

Battle’s over; they lost. “The Unknown Journey Will Continue.” Some of it will look the same (maybe we can’t completely fight Fate!) but we’re in new territory now. The game’s out. It’s done and folks will need to adjust to the reality of it.

I think the cynic in me, the part that worries deeply about remakes and Read more

Apr 23

I’ve been treating this game as if this was a “Final Fantasy XVI” instead of a “faithful” remake of the original game. This relieves me of any expectation and nagging feelings of trying to tie the original to the remake.
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Mar 18

Technically, it means the two consoles are closer than any two competitors in the console space have ever been before, and by a significant margin at that. In practice, it means that it’s close enough to the Xbox that neither console’s specs will be dragging down crossplatform games any time soon.

Mar 2

Did you play XV? Because it really doesn’t feel anything like XV’s combat. 

Jan 25 2020

In the very first episode, the Ciri mentions some important battle as having happened a long time ago. In the same episode a few minutes later, we have Refri talking about the exact same battle as a recent event. Read more

Jan 24 2020

This seems to be the fundamental break between me, and I suppose other people like me, and the people who have expressed frustration with the timelines. I didn’t know from the figure it out in the first episode, and I was confused, but I think that being confused is ok, and part of the process. You were supposed to Read more

Jan 16 2020

That Decima Engine is really good. Sometimes I think about if BioWare had a chance to use that instead of Frostbite and then Mad World plays and I have to go have a lie down. Read more

Jan 16 2020

It’s been out long enough that short of late adopters buying in, there’s no more money that could be made off of it on PS4 sales. It’s not only perfect for testing the waters, but also growing the fanbase so when H:ZD2 launches on the PS5, it can be used as a system selling point. It would have to do -extremely- well Read more

Jan 14 2020

“It’s so cool that they’re bringing in Palpatine’s boss(?) after never mentioning him in any movies. So neat that he was just off-screen the entire time!” Read more

Dec 23 2019

I finished watching season 1 last night and wrote out my own like/dislike list. I’ve played The Witcher 3 so I had some familiarity with the characters already. Read more

Dec 9 2019

Hearing Henry Cavill talk about Geralt gives me hope that this is actually going to be good. He perfectly nailed the subtle balance that is Geralt of Rivia. Yen and Ciri look spot on too. 

Nov 5 2019

As a storyteller, to say that you’ve “had” to save your black woman for a story is a bit weird, because you’re the writers, and you write the story, and there is nothing you have or don’t have to do. You could have altered the story (most of the story isn’t even in the game proper). You could have changed the