5/10/21 3:48PM

I had an '01 Allroad... Enough said.

4/15/21 1:21PM

My 9-5 has an air conditioned glove box that can fit a 6-pack. But there’s also the night panel feature, auto recirc at low speeds (no smells from traffic), and heated rear seats (in ‘01!).

4/08/21 1:45PM

The Mark VII actually had unique housings that weren’t shared with any other Ford product.

11/04/20 12:29AM

I just did a BSM on a BHW for a customer. It’s a pretty straight forward repair, but time consuming. I can lend some advice if you want to tackle the job. Read more

7/01/20 1:14PM

Luckily mine is the V8, which is pretty solid. I would never own a V10.

6/30/20 3:24PM

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my ‘04 Touareg. Love the off-road tech and capabilities, but hate that VW was the manufacturer.

4/05/20 6:03PM

It was either my mom’s '86 Lincoln Mark VII LSC or her '87 Chevy Monte Carlo Aerocoupe.

3/05/20 3:06PM

EJ1 and EJ2 were introduced in 1992.

7/01/19 9:46PM

He mentioned it's the original transmission, but I'm sure the coolant system has been overhauled multiple times in that cars life.

4/19/19 2:37PM

Not a single Mercedes. #weird

4/19/19 1:02AM

It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, the car was a mess at the limit. Read more

4/04/19 11:41AM

Not quite, we still get the Coyote and Voodoo from Ford. But the M156 was definitely a high point.

3/17/19 4:59PM

Mine is a 1987 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. My mom gave it to me in 2000, when I was 13. I proceeded to tear it apart multiple times for various upgrades and whatnot. It has been sitting in the shop since 2007, but I’ll be getting it back in shape soon.

12/31/18 11:57PM

The Atlas was a cluster of an engine. Consistent cam timing issues, an intake manifold that needs to be removed in order to access the valve cover (super annoying on an inline engine), and a throttle body that would get gummed up with carbon all the time. Read more

10/19/18 11:39PM

That’s how almost all cars are. I've never had a driver airbag take more than 5 minutes to remove (for completely legitimate and legal reasons!).

10/19/18 6:41PM

You didn't read the article, did you?

10/19/18 12:23PM

In my corner of the PNW you see just as many Ford pickups as the Chevy/GM twins. Plus there's a bunch of Explorers and Edge/MKXs running around.

9/25/18 3:55PM

My mom traded in get 1987 Lincoln Mark VII LSC for a purple ‘93 Explorer. “It’s maroon” the salesman said. I was 6 years old and knew the Crayola colors well, and the Explorer was definitely plum. Either way, I wasn't a fan. Apparently I sat on the Mark's bumper right before we left and gave it a hug.