Aug 10

Those rounded eggy headlights just don’t do it for me. The Jetta does them better. The rest of the MKIV Golf is fine, though.

Aug 5

It just looks like a chunk of shiny black plastic awkwardly tacked onto the rear pillar.  It does not look good, it doesn’t break up the lines just is.

Aug 3

Thank you. Was about to post the same thing. The misinformation on this site has been terrible lately. I’ll further add that a decent percentage of recreational boats with AIS only have the receiver portion to see other traffic, not the transmitter to broadcast their AIS info. This trend started when AIS receivers Read more

Aug 1

That seems a bit premature considering there’s been no information released yet. Pilot error is a given seeing as collisions happen because neither pilot saw the other aircraft until it was too late. As far a maintenance issues, that’s strictly speculation. 

Aug 1

This. I don’t know if the author is a pilot, or has ever flown in a small private plane, but demonizing civil aviation and blaming an accident on anoversight that should have been corrected long ago” reeks of overreach by the underinformed.

Aug 1

But it seems likely that this crash could likely be blamed on a mix of a small but busy airport being used by under-regulated pilots. It’s an unfortunate and tragic consequence of an oversight that should have been corrected long ago.

Literally cant roll my eyes far enough in my head for this. operator error is not an Read more

Jul 23

A military grade speaker? I’m gonna say that’s a no.

Jul 16

Do what now? I don’t think being also ran in generic crossover category is going to make them much money at all. Especially not with fleet sales in the toilet. That crossover was practically built to go straight to a car rental counter. 

Jul 16

I highly doubt the Blazer will sell more than the new Bronco once that is fully rolling in production, I think Ford will be selling every one they can produce for a long long time. I think they really hit a home run, between the Bronco and the Bronco sport they’ll be printing money along side the F150 for years to Read more