4:05 PM

This is such a bummer. Without going into too much detail, I have pretty solid first hand knowledge of the situation, and Betty had been turning into a monster and making Danny’s life hell for years before any of the infidelity. Read more

3:59 AM

Rejoice. Instead of continuing to make objectively good cars, BMW made a decision to build mediocre cars they think the unwashed and uneducated masses will buy for the roundel. This is the first time that decision has actually backfired and cost the company money. Read more

4:35 PM

Truck lives in small town Alaska, but had to be ferried over to Juneau for some brake work. In the boonies you have to take advantage of Costco when given the opportunity. Wish I had more angles, but she was packed solid to the backs of the front seats. I was pretty proud of myself about it.

5:39 PM

They’re making a Mach-Ery of the Mustang’s proud history!

1:46 AM

My older Baja rig, a ‘97 Tahoe, fits a full-size air mattress in the back. My newer Baja rig, an ‘08 Yukon XL 2500, fits a queen-size. Roof tents are for chumps. Any reasonably sized truck with a second row that folds flat should be plenty big enough to let you get comfy.

7:12 PM

The nearly incomprehensible (in terms of both enormity and purity) incompetence of Dean Spanos, his imbecile children, and the rest of the swamp goo that makes up the Chargers upper management is a very, very good reason for the existence of something like the abomination that is the LA Chargers. Read more

11:57 AM

My first thought was that if he showed up to any self-respecting honky tonk and tried to play the forgettable pop drivel featured in the commercial, he would be immediately forced to take cover under a bombardment of boos and beer bottles.

10:02 PM

Can we get that passenger-side screen to display a speedometer that reads 15 mph under the actual speed, so I can drive my elderly father around without being bitched at constantly?

2:53 PM

I feel like every pitch made at SRT headquarters is followed by a 3 minute air guitar solo

11:22 AM

You’re not wrong. Thing is I’m leaving a truck down in Cabo, and I like having the Tahoe up here in the States, so I figure I may as well have a purpose-built machine.

10:22 PM

Yeah, it’s just kind of a pain in the ass. I do a lot of fishing, and I’ll sometimes hit 3 or 4 beaches in a morning, and it’s a waste of time to be airing up and down constantly. Most of my buddies run Tacomas, which do fine with big tires without airing down, but I need a full size SUV, so hopefully like 305s and Read more

10:08 PM

Good to know, thanks. My budget is like 12k. Checking out an ‘01 LX 470 tomorrow.

12:08 PM

I’m in a similar spot. I’m looking for a new Baja truck. I’ve been using my old Tahoe for awhile, and while it’s great in the desert, it struggles a bit when you get into the soft sand on beaches. I’m thinking 100 series Cruiser/LX470 with some big ol’ balloon tires.

12:28 PM

I haven’t driven a new Caddy or any competitors since I bought my CTS V-Sport a couple years ago. So my info is a bit old. But I think Cadillac is kind of doing what BMW used to do in their heyday. As far as the CTS and ATS go, even the bottom of the range feels peppy and fun. They’re making drivers’ cars throughout Read more

4:07 PM

I once entered a drift event in Miami with a rented brown Mini Clubman. I could barely break it loose, and I got last place, but I was a crowd favorite, and I had a lot of fun.

12:22 AM

Yeah man. I had brunch outside today in shorts and flip flops and laughed and laughed at the people in the stands at the Buffalo-Indianapolis game

1:16 PM

For my daunting journey from San Diego to LA (assuming there’s anything left of it).