Aug 30 2019

Taking shots and getting hammered is what got us into this mess, man.

Nov 21 2017

Are you serious? In this year of all years Dean Spanos can’t even get a nomination? I guess in terms of pure evil he doesn’t come close to some of these guys but as bumbling shitbag of an owner he’s easily top 5 this year.

Sep 18 2017

Keep up the in-fighting and annoying “protesting” by blocking streets guys! Almost guaranteed Trump will win another 4 years.

Aug 24 2017

Glad this got picked up here. Spanos used to be able to hide his incompetence when nobody cared what happened in San Diego. I hope they are humiliated in LA.

May 11 2017

“Dear Penthouse, you’ll never believe what happened to me the other day...”

May 11 2017

Whether the car companies admit it or not, the big fancy two-doors speak to people; even non-car people. I remember in high school I was out with my mom doing errands. I saw a decent looking SC and silently checked it out as we walked past, knowing my mom isn’t into cars at all (minivan driver and happy). As we’re Read more

May 11 2017

I was broke down on the side of the highway due to an alternator failure (and a shit battery, didn’t even get me the 2 miles to the exit). This was in my 1994 Legacy GT.

This dude came by with a 1992 Legacy SS with a cage and racing livery on the back of a trailer. The dude took the alternator from his race car and Read more

May 10 2017

Odd thing to focus on for a flounder.

Apr 26 2017

I never wanted a square body Suburban before now.

Apr 22 2017

At least he died doing what he loved, delaying a motorist at a crossroad.

Apr 21 2017

Adorable Rebel scum.

Apr 1 2017

Snicker all you want, but if he can create an extra roster spot by competently covering 2 necessary roles on a big league team he’s worth his weight in gold. What if, in return for having a light hitting backup C and a capable mop up man, you could have a good pinch hitter from both the right and left sides? I think Read more

Jan 24 2017

I would go 89-98 GM trucks personally.

Dec 23 2016

Why couldn’t it have been [X] is one of the poorest responses in these situations. Be a better person.

Dec 4 2016

Selig’s plaque needs to be looking the other way.

Jan 30 2015

Tony Gwynn disagrees with you.

Nov 14 2012

Jenny: But I'm so confused. Am I wrong for wanting these things? Read more