Jesse Shaffer
Aug 28 2017

I’m trying to convince the co-owner that it snaps like that because the MacPherson isn’t solid enough to keep the wheel in one spot with the way this suspension is set up. It’s literally rotating and rear-wheel steering a bit when we load it... or so I believe.
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Aug 27 2017

I fully loaded my suspension in our AW11 yesterday at 6am on empty roads. Without hundreds of hours in iRacing driving mid engined cars - I’d have looped that sonofabitch. Read more

Aug 25 2017

Some of us would just do it anyway instead of using any excuse necessary to get a ticket out of our faces. No wonder I get to chop up so many internal departments and outsource them to I.T. conglomerates.

Aug 17 2017

I cook chicken breast on a flat skillet with a lid. Sear, flip, cover - and leave it alone! Cook 10 minutes, turn off burner and let steam for 10 minutes - two chicken breasts perfectly tender and juicy every time. Read more

Aug 14 2017

Yeah, being forced off of a GoDaddy server really isn’t any kind of punishment.

Aug 2 2017

Tape back-up failures are such a high percentage this still isn’t worth it.

Jul 19 2017

Harley stores suck. They stock nothing that doesn’t have a Harley logo emblazoned on it - causing a mark-up on mediocre products that no one wanted in the first place.

Jul 12 2017

By agreeing to demonstrate walking in a straight line, etc - if you can’t do those things after you agree to - that goes in their report as their cause to arrest you.

Jul 10 2017

That’s uhh... Montoya’s face there when talking about Kimi Raikkonen. Not exactly big fans of one another.

Dec 13 2016

The two blackhawks came over Central Park around 67th street close between 1,000 and 2,000 ft, then B-lined toward Trump Tower. I saw the C-130 about 10 seconds later at the higher elevation pictured here.

Oct 2 2016

I just blew the race ending by accidentally reading this headline first... but this one’s on me. I should have known better. I forgot how to internet.