Jesse Shaffer
Aug 28 2017

I’ve driven/owned both an AW11 and an ‘85 Fiero with an ‘88 Cradle swap. The ‘85 Fiero before cradle swap suffered from the same snap-oversteer issues the AW11 was plagued with. But the multi-link rear on the ‘88 cradle swap has eliminated the snap unpredictability entirely. It’s a suspension design thing, and while Read more

Aug 25 2017

I see you haven’t yet internalized the unspoken NYC resident motto: “Get the fuck out of the way.” Keep moving, don’t stop, don’t obstruct, don’t block. When in doubt, move. When not in doubt? Move. Read more

Aug 25 2017

Counterpoint: you transplants and out-of-towners make city driving horrible. Never give driving advice to anyone.

Oct 25 2016

The entire point of car culture is feeling superior to others.

Oct 21 2016

Steals $8000 worth of wheels... leaves $20,000 carbon ceramic brakes.

Oct 19 2016

When asked if Orlov went for his knees, Duchene said: “What did it look like? You guys saw it so I shouldn’t have to say too much about it.” Read more