I mean, aren’t we all of three years removed from the chairman (and ex-CEO) of a certain major manufacturer evading financial misconduct charges in Japan by being smuggled out of the country in a cello case or something equally preposterous? Read more

Elio. Lordstown Motors. Nikola. Faraday Future. Canoo. Read more

The Simca Vedette Versailles mentioned by IMCDB is the grey car behind them next to the blue 2CV, not the bodywork-less chassis.

Yeah, the bus is cool, but what is up with this...???

That’s because the people who invented the internet had ideals and lofty goals for humanity. Read more

If you asked futurists back in 1980 what the internet would become, absolutely none of them would’ve predicted it would turn into a platform for click-craving publicity whores announcing their simpleton blather to the world. Absolutely none of them. Zero. Read more

This completely tops my dream where I picked up the Lancashire & Sumner families in my Triumph Spitfire and they were all “By Jove! I do believe only one of us will fit in that diminutive death trap!” and I was all “Nose game!” Read more

holy shit, turn on closed captions and watch it.  sooooo much better. Read more

Wait until you find out how old the electrons are.
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Drive, that movie suuuuuuuuuuucked. Boring as hell. Car movies typically have very thin plots, but this one was pretty much non-existent.

Had the exact same thought when I read that comment. My favorite PS of all time

I’ve passed GT3's in my BRZ on the track during HPDE’s, doesn’t make my car faster or better. HPDE’s don’t normally host professional level drivers, and there’s usually as much difference in skill levels as car performance levels. Read more

If the online form doesn’t work, spray painting a penis around it will. Read more

Agree, even Mazepin can win in F2
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The Power Wagon is still the truckiest truck that ever trucking trucked.

Okay, but please not just any racing driver because American...

Experienced readers of Musk’s twitter account know that his tweets vary from wildly exaggerated to flat out lies. Read more