Saleen is the most fucked up car company since DeLorean — change my mind. Read more

Have you ever tried to put a stripper pole in an Accord? Read more

Looking forward to commute to downtown being overrun with overland outfitted cybers. Read more

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Yeah, I was going to say, she cemented her racing legacy as far as I’m concerned when she got back to it after that RA crash.

To come back like this... Simply amazing. Definitely one of the great talents of my lifetime. And he’s so fucking cool, too.   Read more

JPM won Indy in his first Indy Car race after one year of racing in CART.  He is possibly the worst possible example to support your point. Read more

I hear it does wonders for the testicles, too. Read more

Maybe a new battery pack built w/ 2017 vintage battery cells? Read more

Glad to see them renewing their commitment to ensuring I fall asleep during every race.  Read more

Race team owner, F1 edition... Step 1: Make a billion $$’s Read more

As a recovering bike mechanic and frame builder, I have to say this is another terrible purchase. But I admit that I have a lot of affection for the Suntour gear -- so, sure, go nuts. Read more

Now go home and get your shine box... Read more

Counterpoint: Superbird all the things Read more

Never gets old... cheers to the auto journos out there Read more

Yeah, the police run a pretty tight ship there in Athens Read more

Yeah, the Si has been a lot less appealing since the R showed up over here.  I’m sure it’s still a great performance value, though. Read more

Yeah?  You try making an AI as smart as a drunk person.  This is cutting edge stuff ;-) Read more

Ha -- even with a seatbelt I probably had it coming.  But, yeah, that’s not a no-seatbelt use case I would advise. Read more

Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass. My car will go 180 miles an hour regardless of the speed limit and I can turn the stability control completely off.  But, I can’t roll down from my mailbox to my garage without buckling up.  It just seems like a weird mix of safety and free-for-all. Read more