10/27/19 7:44PM

In those first two quarters, Kerr’s boys allowed the Thunder to shoot 56.5 percent, while they only converted at a rate of 27.5 percent. Read more

10/22/19 11:50AM

It’s Dan Snyder, so “Can you please elaborate on what the fuck is going on here?” is a 20-year-old question. 

10/19/19 2:53PM

That’s cool and all, but you misheard me. I don’t want MACtion — I really just needed a napkin.

10/18/19 3:41PM

These are all valid criticisms, but I think you’re overlooking some of the new creative elements in the game. Probably the best one is Eric Bischoff Career Mode, which lets you:  Read more

10/11/19 11:59PM

WWE could wind up being Blockbuster Video. It would take WWE a very long time to go outright bankrupt, especially with these new TV contracts, but it’s hard not to see there’s writing on the wall here, at least for what they’re currently emphasizing. I’m watching New Day host a segment with breast cancer survivors Read more

10/09/19 8:53PM

Congrats on making this entirely stupid outrage grenade even dumber in so few words. That's a really efficient use of narrowmindedness. 

10/09/19 4:38PM

Why the friendships of a talk show host should be Threat Level Orange for me. Do we now have to take strong, tribal positions on everything, or can I just not care about Ellen’s Christmas card list?