No, the worst is a 60 year old dating a 21 year old.
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I’m perplexed at all the “double standard” cries from ostensible feminists on Twitter about how unfair she’s being treated over “consensual” affairs. She had sex with subordinates; feminists have argued for years this creates a power imbalance that calls into question how consensual said relations can truly be. Why Read more

I like Chance the Rapper. No matter where he is, he always seems happy to be there.
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If someone said “Who is The Answer?” would the judges have allowed it? Read more

No, no.  The question was literally The Answer. Read more

What do you expect? None of them are from China where the NBA is owned.
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The answer was literally The Answer this time.  Read more

They should post another one that says: “I am a former social media account manager.” Read more

Why would anyone in Phoenix take a fucking diuretic?? Jesus Christ, just walk outside Read more

Did some back-of-the-envelope calculations...my estimate was that she’d need a 63" vertical leap.

This does seem specifically targeted at fence-perching enthusiasts. Read more

How do they expect me to masturbate to this? Read more

It looks like they played on the Chargers’ bed. Read more

Special appearance by The Shock and Awe Master  Read more

From the company that brought you The Greatest Oil Rumble, Infidel In A Cell, No Survivors Series, and Blood Money in the Bank, WWE presents... Read more

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And they dont even have bitching menu music!

I’m going to go ahead and place a bet that Paul Mooney knew nothing about this. There is no way in hell that Paul Mooney signed off on this. Read more