7:30 PM

Why do you think Audi owes you a cheap wagon? If you want a “cheap” wagon, look at an Alltrack/Golf. Or an A4 Allroad. The previous A6 Allroad started at 42k in 2001. In 2019 dollars thats ~61k. Not that far off this new Allroad’s MSRP. So despite your outrage, I believe you’re wrong about the price. Just because YOU Read more

5:07 PM

I would bet good money on us getting the new one but no manual and it may be a hybrid only ...which honestly. Makes sense. An amazingly well packaged small car with a huge interior and the efficiency of the Insight? It’s a compelling idea....

12:36 AM

I’m with you on this. I’m also old enough to know that I’m not going to assume what will/can happen. I know an electric Miata for 30k with a performance emphasis would definitely get me interested. Everyone clutching those coach whips are going to be sorely missing out. Read more

6:16 PM

Farkin i3 platform!!!! God why does nobody in the industry get it. That skateboard is small, light, mid motored, and has increasingly adequate range. Slap real tires and a roadster/targa body on top if it and you’d have a winner. It’s literally a parts bin job.

3:23 PM

Give me an electric Miata with 150 to 200 mile range and optimized for handling and I’m in. A couple all electrics (Leaf, 500e) are surprisingly capable without even trying to be good driver’s cars. Read more

1:42 PM

Greta’s thing is about listening to the scientists, since so many dont want to. That if we dont listen to them and take action, we slide ever closer to the worst possible outcome. Read more

1:09 PM

Because many people don’t believe that it’s a problem at all, or so slow that it’s not worth worrying about it.  Trump has put considerable effort into rolling back every environmental gain the US has made in the last decade, and that shithead Bolsonaro is actively encouraging people to burn down the rainforest.  We Read more

12:58 PM

focusing on new technologies to mitigate the issue is important, but you know what would really help on that front? More funding. How do you get more funding? You emphasize the problem. Its easy to ignore a problem where you only talk about the impact 100 years from now. 

12:16 PM

The problem is that the climate denial crowd steadfastly refuses to do anything about it. You have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it.

11:57 AM

US consumers: haven’t had a meaningful raise in decades. Read more

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1:07 PM

The dirty secret that no ‘enthusiast’ wants to admit is that for 90% of us, the used R35 is faster, easier to live with, cheaper in the long run, and less likely to cause you headaches every time you need to renew the registration or if you ever want to move to another state.

12:50 PM

Not going to lie, there’s a particular flavor of schaudenfreude being played out watching Japan shit itself because decades of straight-up racist and nationalist ideology coupled with a borderline ‘lost’ generation of people under 30 are wrecking havoc with their economic and social systems.

4:05 PM

I blame automatics not sucking. Getting an automatic used to have an associated penalty in performance, reliability and mileage. Now they’re faster, more reliable, will tow more (if you’re getting a truck), and get better mileage. The only reason to get a manual now is that you like them. I’m one of those who likes to Read more

2:26 PM

What do the youths actually want from Nissan? My money is on a cheap Leaf with a liquid-cooled battery pack.