Yesterday 6:49AM

he lives in an apartment so not everyone has the space and tools and time. 

Friday 3:24PM

my 23 year old nephew is tired of fixing crappy old cars that constantly break and leave him strugling to find rides to work and stuff. he now as a big boy job as a manufacturing engineer. he will be shopping for the cheapest new kia or hyundai he can find . 

Friday 3:07PM

I think my 2012 JKU is nearly worth only $10k less than I paid for it new. 

Friday 3:03PM

yes, good quote for here, it applies to so many things currently from housing to cars etc. 

Friday 2:44PM

Recreational boats, floating over confidence. So many people own and operate pleasure boats and think they know what they are doing.

Friday 2:23PM


Friday 2:13PM

one of the many reasons we do not cruise.

Friday 1:34PM

you drive to that one store then the car drives you to that store over and over even after you bought what you want. the online advertising model.

Friday 12:23PM

Norovirus, Now complementary with every cruise vacation.

Friday 11:39AM

The low sidesteps (especially plastic ones) on factory off road package pick up trucks. They will just get smashed or torn off if ever actually off-roaded. Read more

Friday 10:54AM

I loathe with an unending passion the little black plastic lines atop the c/d pillars in crossovers to make that floating roof look. Read more

Thursday 2:50PM

I came for the rednecks hate change comments and did not see any. 

Thursday 2:13PM

Different parts hurt in different people. I like the upright position for my upper body, I just need my knees just a little less bent. Read more

Thursday 1:50PM

Neutral: How am I? However I answer, someone will reply with a comment here that I am wrong.

Thursday 1:41PM

As I got older and my knees hurt more I did appreciate foot pegs further forward. Hours with your knees bent under me just hurt a lot more.

Thursday 10:11AM

I have not been paying attention for a while, is towing capacity still a stand in for dick length? 

Thursday 9:58AM

But we need to judge everybody back to the beginning of time by today’s standards otherwise we cannot feel morally superior and condemn and disappear them.

Thursday 9:42AM

Please do not blame public school science teachers for this. GQP nut jobs have been pushing anti-science young earth creationists garbage into the heads of children long before they even get to school and if anything we see there is a good portion of the populous that directly refuses to accept facts.  

Wednesday 1:30PM

If she would have miscarried SHE would probably be charged with felony murder since you know, Arkansas.